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Whale Watching in Rocky Point

Xochitl Avila - Friday, January 06, 2017

¡Hola Amigos!

The wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays have come and gone, today we have a new year full of purposes and goals that we all hope to fulfill.

Laguna Shores Resort looks forward to the beginning of a new year in which you, our valued clients can come and enjoy our facilities and all that Puerto Peñasco has to offer.

January is a very important month in Puerto Peñasco. We have a very special guest – well, not just one but hundreds. Puerto Peñasco is located on the migratory route of the gray whale, an aquatic mammal that measures between 12 and 16 meters long and can weigh between 20 and 35 tons. 

The gray whale maintains a body temperature like that of the human being that is between 36 and 37ºC. During the summer the gray whale feeds at the bottom of the Arctic and Bering seas before traveling.

"The Wanderer Whale" is how the gray whale is referred to by some as it does some of the longest migrations every year to be able to reproduce: 16,000 kilometers is what the gray whale travels every year to get to Baja California; 6 months of travel or 183 days at a speed of 7 kilometers per hour.

We all know that we have the gray whale visit each year, but some of us do not know why they make their "strategic stop" in the Sea of ​​Cortes. Our warm waters represent a "natural refuge". We landlubbers get to observe them frolicking with their babies and each other. The Sea of Cortez also has some of the calmest waters which the gray whale prefers to give birth at a depth of up to 15 meters. The Sea of Cortez provides a wonderful haven for the birthing mother after nearly 13 months of gestation.

Thanks our nature-loving tourism, "Whale Watching" has become very popular in Puerto Peñasco. Tourists get to enjoy some of the best shows nature has to offer. Being able to take photographs and video of these majestic creatures gives you long lasting and beautiful memories, photographs and video.

You are still in time to book and Laguna Shores Resort is glad to help you. Come on down! Do not miss your opportunity to

#livetheexperience. Real life is so much better than animals in captivity!

Remember that the months with more sightings are January and February; the season ends in March and the sightings of the gray whale become very sporadic.

Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort has wonderful amenities for you and your family, come and enjoy this beautiful and private paradise Puerto Peñasco Sonora Mexico offers to you.

Be sure to check our social media channels (listed below) and newspaper ads, drop us a topic if you want and/or photos to info@lagunashoresresort.com or post comments via social media. For more information about Laguna Shores Resort, or reservations, please feel free to give us a call, U.S. toll free at 1-800-513-1426.

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“Lets go clamming”

Xochitl Avila - Friday, September 16, 2016

There's nothing like a bowl of homemade clam chowder made with freshly harvested clams. You can do that at Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort, and here's how!

Hello all!

September is here, a new month and new opportunities to be happy every day!!

Here at Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort we are lucky to have some of the best natural sceneries and we want you to come enjoy and be part of one of the best and unique resort in Rocky Point.

Have you heard of the term clamming? Sometimes when our clients are visiting for their first time, we are frequently asked what is the best season and weather for clam hunting.

“Clam hunting or digging is a North American term for a common way to harvest clams (edible in faunal bivalve mollusks) from below the surface of the tidal sand flats or mud flats where they live. It is done both recreationally and commercially. Commercial digging in the U.S. and Canada is colloquially referred to as clamming, and is done by a clammer”.[1]

Many travelers visit Rocky Point for it’s beautiful beaches. The area is well known for its extreme tidal movements. The tidal cycle during some New and Full Moons can produce a vertical change in the sea level of up to 24 to 26 feet. This is said to be the second largest vertical tidal change in the world. Such extreme movement in the water level produces enormous tidal flats. This extreme tide change, specially in a bay like at Laguna Shores, provides great opportunities to harvest an abundance of bivalves of the Venus Family, or in simple language "Clams".

The best season for this activity in Rocky Point is from October until January, cooler weather makes the clams come closer to the edge of the shore.


Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort is the best place to enjoy this activity with your entire family and friends, clam hunting or digging is often done using a straight long-handled spading fork, or a spading shovel. People use different popular method for bay clamming is the use of specialized tongs from a boat.

We invite you and your family to go clam hunting with us from October 7th to October 15th

You can visit us and be part of our contest and festivities on the 15th from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. There will have live music featuring the band “The Summer” with happy hour all day as well as prizes for the clamming contest.  Save the date and join us!

Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort has lots of amenities for you and your family, come and enjoy this beautiful and private paradise.

Be sure to check our social media channels (listed below) and newspaper ads for us dates. Drop us a comment, photo or question to info@lagunashoresresort.com or post comments. For more information about Laguna Shores Resort, or reservations, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-513-1426 ext 1 from the US or Canada or at 638-383-8263 from Mexico.

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"Peñasco" Sign at the Malecon

Ramon Rodriguez - Monday, September 05, 2016

Very exciting news!!!
We are happy to inform you that Puerto Penasco has become part of the “VIVA MEXICO” tradition...
Some of the destinations with this colorful letters that have join this traditions are: Cancún, Ensenada, Acapulco, Huatulco, Mérida, Veracruz, Puerto Vallarta, Cabos  San Lucas and now Puerto Peñasco, México.
We now count with the colorful ‘PEÑASCO’ letters sitting in the Malecón area in the old port just on top of the “stairs”, located in Plaza Colosio.
Here is the background history of this meaningful letters:
The purpose of this was to show the graphic and the variety of our colorful country. That is the wide gastronomic range, ecological options, archaeological, colonial, adventure, historical and cultural. All this was intended to represent through vivid colors our typical clothes, our nature, our food, flora and fauna of national territory and our amazing art crafts. The colors are the strength of our culture. The Tourism Board of Mexico wanted to strengthen its position before the world to evolve its image, seeking greater projection among nations. The idea is to develop a brand identity to communicate Today in our country , which easily evoke our strength and break stereotypes to the world. Mexico is positioned in the world as a unique and diverse, beyond hospitality country. Mexico is an ancient culture and an original society , rich in history, traditions and nature nice people . Mexico in a country of light, rich in colors and flavors.
Color Meanings:
Red, patriotic color, symbol passion and blood; magenta (called pink Mexican), pigment generated by our ancestors and symbol of Mexican charisma; yellow, light, energy, wealth, warmth, brightness; purple, color popular of mystery and magic; Green, abundance and life and finally turquoise, color our own shores. Mexico is Brand projection of life, joy, diversity and hospitality.
This is a new attraction for local families and tourist to have a new experience and piece of memory of our lovely port and we hope you enjoy our destination in our beautiful beaches.

By Lizeth Quiroz and Yemsi Sanabria

High Tides In Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort

Xochitl Avila - Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort experiences one of nature’s best phenomena; tidal fluctuation. Pretty much all year long we have two high and low tides per day. The distance between high and low tide is at its highest around the new moon and full moon.

Tidal fluctuations are caused by the sun and moon gravitational forces and the rotation of the earth. And the tidal range is a vertical measure of distance between the high and low tide in one cycle.

The final high tides for August will be on the 17th, 18th, 19th and 31st with an average high of about 18 feet. To put this in perspective, most the U.S. coast has a tidal range of 3-6 feet whereas ours can be 20+ feet. And it can look drastically different on the various beaches in Puerto Peñasco depending on beach slope and land formation (we are set back in a bay).

You can enjoy a variety of activities at high tide and since we are set back in a bay, you can walk in the water for quite a while even during high tide. The high tide is perfect for kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, swimming, shell collecting, kite surfing and whatever else you can think of doing. You can also kayak though our pristine and protected estuary.

If you happen to find yourself here on a low tide week, do not fret because there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained and even more to explore when nearby islands are uncovered. And we always have land-based activities such as riding bicycles, beach volleyball and tetherball, taking a dip in our wonderful Trophy Pool, getting a massage, playing games and even clamming.

Here is Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort at high tide.

High tide in this photo is approx. 16.5 ft.

Here are the highest tide days for the remainder of 2016 so get to planning your ideal vacation!

August 18, 19, 31.

September 1, 2, 3, 16, 17, 29, 30.

October 1, 2, 16, 29, 30, 31.

November 1, 14, 15, 28, 29, 30.

December 1, 13, 14, 28, 29, 30.

More information click Here and review our complete chart.

Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort has lots of amenities and services for you and your family, so come and enjoy our beautiful and private paradise in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora Mexico.

Be sure to check our social media channels (listed below) and local newspaper ads. Please drop us a line and send photos to marketing@lagunashoresresort.com or post comments via our social media channels.

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Beach Party with Grupo Rex at Laguna Shores Resort

Xochitl Avila - Friday, July 22, 2016

Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort was the site of a fantastic beach and pool party held on Saturday, July 12th. Two great bands, food and cold drinks kept the fun going on into the night. At the epicenter of the Beach Party was our beautiful 5,000 sf Trophy Pool. Guests were able to take a swim or dip and cool themselves down while they enjoyed the day’s fun.

Entertainment for the event featured two great bands that livened up the Beach Party and provided great fun for all those who made it out to enjoy the festivities. The first band, “The Summer”, is a 5-member group that comes from Puerto Peñasco. They brought great rhythm and fun to our guests who danced to a variety of music throughout the day .

The highlight of the Beach Party was “Grupo Rex”, a 7-member ensemble that calls Hermosillo, Sonora their home. Guests of Laguna Shores Resort danced for three straight hours while the band played classic rock. Grupo Rex played until sundown when everyone got to experience the unique and beautiful sunset that graced us that evening.


Our guests had the chance to delight their taste buds with delicious hamburgers and refreshing ice cold drinks during the event. Every guest was fascinated with all the live music and fun they were able to enjoy.

Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort would like to thank all of our guests for their attendance.

A special thank you goes out to Sr. Cuauhtémoc Gonzales and members of “Grupo Rex” as well as Michel Gonzales and members of “The Summer”.

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did and we hope you can come back to visit us at our next Beach Party. Be sure to check our social media channels (listed below) and newspaper ads for our next Beach Party slated for October 2016.

If you did attend July’s Beach Party and had as much fun as we did, drop us a few lines and/or photos to marketing@lagunashoresresort.com or post comments via social media.

For more information about Laguna Shores Resort, or reservations, please feel free to give us a call, U.S. toll free at 1-800-513-1426.

Hope to see you at our next event!

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Don’t Miss Another High Tide Weekend at Laguna Shores Resort

Abraham Felix - Saturday, May 23, 2015

Don’t Miss Another High Tide Weekend at Laguna Shores Resort

By Lannette Phipps

One thing we all pay attention to around here are the tides. The largest fluctuation in tides is always during a new moon and the full moon. This past weekend (July 11th through the 13th) was one of the highest tides of the year and we sure did enjoy here at Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico.

High tides are always wonderful and definitely the best time to come down if you want to play around in the Sea of Cortez and last weekend was no exception. Last weekend we had what we call an extreme tide – meaning that the tide reaches extreme high’s and low’s during the moon phase – which happened to be a full moon. The highest tide of the weekend was a whopping 18.8 feet with the extreme low being at -2.7 feet. Incredible! Not only does the ocean water lap up against the highest sand dunes, but you can also walk out a long, long way discovering areas that aren’t often exposed. This high tide completely filled the estuary and its winding waterways here at Laguna Shores Resort. It even filled up the back part of the estuary which is located by the road coming into the resort. A truly amazing and beautiful sight to see along with the varying shades of blue between different depths of the ocean and estuary. It’s awesome to watch the power of the ocean as it covers the beaches during high tide and then uncovers it as the tide goes out. It never comes or goes the same way twice.

The full moon is going and the new moon phase will arrive around July 26th, which is also a wonderful time to visit. The tides start getting good around July 22nd so if you want to kayak the estuary or paddleboard or enjoy ocean activities plan your trip around the high tide days. You can find the 2014 tide charts at www.LagunaShoresResort.com.


Why wouldn’t you build your custom dream home at Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort?

Abraham Felix - Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why wouldn’t you build your custom dream home at Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort?

By Lannette Phipps

There are many reasons to build your custom dream home in Rocky Point, Mexico and even more reasons to build it at Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort. I have listed a few of the top reasons why you want to build here and nowhere else so let’s take them point by point and if you have any questions you can contact Wayne Corcoran, Laguna Shores Lots and Custom Homes at (480) 370-1523.

• Quality Craftsmanship

• Community

• Price

• Amenities

• Flexibility

• Supervision

• Longevity of Development

QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: The Laguna Shores Custom Home Building Team uses the materials you request (tile, marble, granite, travertine, etc.) to build your custom home. Attention is paid to the smallest of details and you can expect the best when you are handed the keys. There are no cutting corners, substituting materials, running electrical wires all over the place, flimsy plumbing fixtures, thin window glass, cheap sliders – oh the list goes on and on. Only the best possible materials – to fit your budget – go into building your home and only the best team builds you a home that will last.

COMMUNITY: Laguna Shores Resort is the ONLY private master planned resort of its kind in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Exclusive and private. The streets are spacious and covered with paver stones and lined with street lights. All utilities are underground and water is used and delivered responsibly via the resorts own desal plan and water reclamation plant. The entire resort, from the time you enter through the arches, until you reach your destination, is clean, clean, clean. The beaches are cleaned in front of the resort area and volunteers clean up the miles of beach away from the resort. Laguna Shores’ low-density design is perfect for homeowners wanting space. Who wants to be on top of their neighbor? There is a mixture of condos and homes spread out throughout the development. The security is top-notch so you never have to worry about accidentally leaving your garage door open when you are away for the day. And the list of amenities goes on and on from the 5,000 sq. ft. trophy pool to the complete spa and game room: plus an onsite restaurant…and the list goes on. Laguna Shores Resort is plain and simple a well laid out resort with all the amenities you want.

PRICE: The complete cost of your home – lot and all – is included in many of their packages. Or you can build on your own lot of lot of your choice. Choose a simple 1 or 2 bedroom home for retirement or small families or go big and beautiful beachfront or perhaps you would like a 2-story home with patio views all around. Whatever you dream, Laguna Shores can build. The architectural drawings/design and alterations are also included in the price, which is disclosed to you up front. No hidden costs: No, “Oops, we need to add this at this cost and this at an additional cost”. Whatever your needs are they can be met by Laguna Shores’ own creative in-house design and construction team. Design your home to stand out with the features you want or pick from one of their many floor plans. And you will be living in your house 90 days after you approve the blue prints to your custom dream home. The design and building team is with you from start to finish and the resort has a proven track record of forging ahead even in troubled economic times so they will always be there whenever you need them. Will your contractor give you a guarantee plus all of this?

AMENITIES: Many of the amenities you will enjoy are listed above in the COMMUNITY section, but let’s expand on them a little. Living at Laguna Shores Resort, whether you are here full or part time, is a relaxing and pleasant experience. The amenities are all centrally located and are never very far from wherever you build. The 5,800 sq. ft. infinity edge trophy pool is really the centerpiece of the resort with its crystal blue water, built-in lounges, child’s wading pool and shaded palapa swim-up bar. The entire pool is lined with shading palapas, lounge chairs and tables. Next to the pool is the 15-person hot tub and the fire pit – both are a source of enjoyment whether its summer or winter. The pool sits right on the beach where there are beach cabana beds, lounge chairs and tables and more palapas. There are also many beach games such as volleyball, horseshoes and tether ball located in this area as well as a children’s playset. Kayaks and paddleboards are also on the beach for trips through the estuary or out into the Sea of Cortez. Mikky’s Beach Club Restaurant serves up an excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a full bar. Located adjacent to the pool there is a game room with billiards and foosball – just to name a few games as well as a full service spa and exercise room. At the Front Desk/Reception area you will find movies, books, games, bicycles and all the equipment you need for basketball or tennis. If you want to enjoy a cigar with friends you can pop over to the Cigar Bar located near the restaurant. And be sure to take advantage of the miniature putting green located along the estuary. There are many more amenities to mention, but you get the idea that life here at Laguna Shores Resort is pretty awesome.

FLEXIBILITY: As far as the design of your custom home, you have lots of flexibility when it comes to interior and exterior colors, designs, shapes, materials, floor plans, etc. They want to build YOUR dream home so if you can imagine it, Laguna Shores can build it. There are some standards that are to be abided by since they always want the resort to remain classy, clean and have every home be an asset to the community. If you take a look around the resort you will see many different types of homes so feel free to include everything you’ve ever wanted in your new custom home.

LONGEVITY: Laguna Shores Resort has been around for 20 years and it’s not going anywhere. Did you know that Laguna Shores was the only resort in Rocky Point that continued to build and improve all throughout the economic crisis? And they continue to do so with new condominium buildings being erected and improvements being made all the time you never have to worry that you will be left out in the cold. Laguna Shores Resort is just starting to bloom and will be developing for years to come making your living experience the best it can be.

So, why would you want to build anywhere else? Come out and have a look at what Laguna Shores Resort can do for you. Call Wayne Corcoran at (480) 370-1523 from the U.S. or email him at waynec@lagunashoresresales.com. Ask about our included rental package that provides time to come at see how your house construction is coming along at Laguna Shores Resort.

The Pinacate Biosphere Reserve…If you haven’t been…you really ought to go.

Abraham Felix - Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Pinacate Biosphere Reserve…If you haven’t been…you really ought to go.

By Lannette Phipps

If you are staying at Laguna Shores Resort then you are in luck because they have a new shuttle service that will take you to, and show you around, the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve. You and your friends and family will love the volcanic craters and the beautiful scenery. Did you know that U.S. Astronauts trained in the area for a moon landing mission? Pretty cool, huh?

Your tour will begin at the Visitor’s Center and move along to one of the world’s largest volcanic craters as well as a red crater and beautiful scenery. Ride in comfort and air conditioning and soak up this information before heading out. To book your tour to the Pinacates simply sign up at the Front Desk/Reception area once you arrive or during your stay at Laguna Shores Resort or call them at 1-800-513-1426, ext. 2 and they will be happy to save a slot for you.


A jumble of lava rock, volcanoes and cinder cones may seem like a harsh environment for animals to live, let alone humans, but when compared to the waterless plain surrounding it, this area becomes a haven. Archeological artifacts in the area confirm that the area offered game animals, trees, and a variety of food, caves for shelter and the most important agua dulce (sweet water). This fact remains true today. The earliest inhabitants were a large southwest group of hunters and gatherers noted to first occupy the area more than 50,000 years ago. Various dating techniques were used to determine this date: measuring desert varnish; calculating caliche build-up; correlating desert pavement formation with climatic periods; and dating shell artifacts. The area was abandoned when the climate changed and a major drought, lasting thousands of years, came to the area. When the rains returned new generations of inhabitants returned to the area, but were eventually forced out when a second severe drought began. When the second drought ended, over 5,000 years ago, the Armargosa’s, ancestors of the Pima and Tohono O’odham Indians, made this area their home for the next 4,900 years. The volcanoes may have been active as few as 2,000 years ago and plumes of smoke have been recorded in the last five years. Lava rock can be seen all around Puerto Peñasco. It’s a truly fascinating area so make time to visit the Pinacates on your next visit to Laguna Shores Resort and let their Shuttle Service take you there! Inquire at the front desk for rates and to book your trip.

Read more about the History of the Pinacates in Laguna Shores Articles atwww.LagunaShoresResort.com

Welcome to our new website

Abraham Felix - Saturday, May 23, 2015

OceanView Lot & 1353 sq ft Custom Home for only $155,300 USD!

Administrator LSR - Sunday, November 16, 2014
OceanView Lot & Custom Home at Laguna Shores Resort for only $155,300 USD! By Lannette Phipps Yes, you read it correctly: Your very own 1353 sq ft custom built home and lot for only $155,300 USD here at Laguna Shores Resort. Whether you want a vacation home or a retirement home you won’t want to miss this special. There has to be a catch, right? Correct. The catch is that this incredible offer is only offered to the very first contract of the month so if you have been thinking about building, don’t delay, contact Wayne Corcoran at 480-370-1523 today. Laguna Shores Resort takes the hassle out of building your own home in Mexico. You won’t need to hire and oversee your privately hired contractors or worry about them delivering on time or delivering at all. You won’t have to make weekly trips down to make sure your home is being built to your specifications and that the right materials are being used. Nor will you have to worry about payroll, materials or any other nightmare that comes with building on your own. The Custom Home Building Team at Laguna Shores Resort will take care of everything for you and will not disappear once your home is built. They stand behind their work. Not only do they stand behind their work but they deliver on time and deliver what has been promised. They have many floor plans and materials to choose from as well as upgrades for interior, exterior and lots. They build to your specifications. Laguna Shores Resort is a private community with tons of amenities for owners (and vacationers) to use. Enjoy the pools, tennis and basketball courts, kayaks, bicycles, beach cabana beds, miniature putting green, game room, spa, exercise room, cigar bar and restaurant just to name a few. There are miles of beach to explore as well as a pristine estuary teeming with wildlife. Vacationing or retiring at Laguna Shores Resort will be the best decision you ever made. Be the first person of the month to contract with Laguna Shores Resort and get this incredible price of $155,300 USD. Contact Wayne Corcoran today to make your dreams come true. Phone him from the U.S. at (480) 370-1523 or locally at (638) 112-0854. Email wmlcorcoran@lagunashoresresales.com and visit the resort website at www.lagunashoresresorts.com. You won’t find a better price for a brand new home in a private oceanfront community. And remember, the $155,300 USD price includes the lot!