Dear Client
Re: Project: Laguna Shores Annual Fundraising for the Children of lesser opportunity in Puerto Peñasco Sonora Mexico. (Rocky Point)
Given the COVID-19 and the tremendous impact pervasive through society, the outstanding health concerns, the devastating impact on everyone and everything, as well as the distancing requirements and restrictions on congregating, with great regret we have no alternative but then to state that we shall not be able to hold our 19th annual charity raising event. That said it will be necessarily postponed to 2021 when normalcy is once again restored. We will initiate the fundraising without this event but will record the donation distribution.

Even though the demands on everyone are great and many organizations are struggling and having difficulty in fulfilling their essential services, if at all possible, and if we are able, we need to try in whatever small way we can to try to support those charities. This charity fulfills and satisfies a great need and are relied upon by so many in order that they might get by and have those things that most of us take for granted.

The Laguna Shores Fundraiser began in 2002 to give underprivileged children a NEW BICYCLE for Christmas. As time went on and the Financial Crisis of 2008 descended upon us, it was time to rethink the direction of the funds donated by you to be sure it was providing the help it was intended for. We transformed our donations from BICYCLES to FOOD and that is where we stayed for years helping thousands of people during a very difficult time.

For a short time, we returned our focus to BICYCLES, but quickly could see that the real need was food and other day-to-day essentials, so we returned to that most important direction.

Last year with your help we took the Esperanza Orphanage under the wing of the Laguna Shores Fundraiser and were able to provide every child at Esperanza Orphanage essentials for the entire year.

For the last 18 years Laguna Shores has been helping those in need, and in spite of the harsh reality of the Pandemic we find ourselves in, we intend to soldier on, because it is the right thing to do. I am hopeful that you will too.

I know firsthand how hard the pandemic has been in business and our personal lives. Think of the children whom come from poverty to and Orphanage some as young as a few days old and some in their early teens. These Kids have great potential, and we can unleash that opportunity in them, and so I hope you will join me in moving these beautiful young people to the next level. Your donation will help them eat better, provide transportation to schools, Church and more.

This all warmly relates the pleasure felt in giving, sharing and being charitable, as well as the strong sense of satisfaction and fulfillment realized from helping others.
We would be so pleased and grateful to have you involved as a supporter of this worthwhile cause by donating and by completing the attached form, check mark and return in the pre-addressed envelope enclosed.

To donate to our Laguna Shores Christmas program this year, please send your check payable to: Inmobiliaria Grupo Laguna Shores, S. de R.L. de C.V.
PO Box 1740
Lukeville, AZ 85341


Or you can donate using your credit card by calling our office at 1-800- 513-1426 ext. 510 or locally at (638) 383-0210 ext. 510. You can also donate through our PayPal account at (no personal PayPal account required).

For every contribution, a ticket under your name is entered for a draw for the following prizes:
First prize will receive a 7-night vacation in one of the 2-bedroom VP units at Laguna Shores Resort plus a $200.00 USD spa certificate for a total value of $1,954.40 USD (based on availability). The second prize will be a $100.00 USD dinner certificate for Infusion del Golfo and the third prize will be a Spa package for 2 people.

For every name sponsor Guardian and more will automatically receive a dinner for 4 at Infusion del Golfo. Director’s Circle gets 100 tickets for the Roxor draw, Community Pillar gets 50 tickets and Benefactor gets 10 tickets for the Roxor draw.

First 25 people to donate will receive a spa package for two!

We will provide you with a confirmation for your donation and for everyone to know how good our owners and friends are. Your generosity will appear in our annual newsletter and in the Rocky Point Times. If you wish to remain anonymous, please write “ANON” on the memo line or simply tell us.

Many thanks for your generous consideration,
Michael R. Kline
Project Laguna Shores Fundraiser