Carretera Puerto Peñasco al Golfo de Santa Clara Km 4, 83550, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
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The Rules

  /  The Rules



• You may take a cooler to the beach areas and drink what you please, as long as you keep order with others and enjoy the beach.
• No glass containers these can be dropped off by recreational vehicles, but these are not allowed to stay in the beach area.
• The use if fireworks is prohibited.
• If you want to use barbecue or cooking disk, you must use, please ak security where that is.
• All garbage must be placed in sealed containers for daily pick up. All garbage that is not contained will be fined.
• All pets must be on a leash.
• Pick up after your pets. There will be a $25 usd fee for the 1st warning, a $50 usd fee for second warning and a $100 usd fee for 3rd warning.
• Please use bathroom do not use the outdoor.
• No motorhomes allowed.
• Boats, ATVS etc,. Need to be stored in your yard not visible to others.
• Lude behavior or illegal activities will be dealt with accordingly.

If any of these rules are broken there will be a $150.00 USD fee.


• Pool is for owners and resort guests only.
• No music allowed.
• Proper swimming attire.
• Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult.
• No running around deck.
• No diving or jumping in pool.
• No glass containers in pool and beach areas.
• No food or drinks in pool.
• No pets in pool area.
• Please use bathrooms.
• Please use ashtrays.
• No coolers or ice chests in pool area.
• Security reserves the right to remove users at their discretion.
• Pool use is required wrist band.
• You must be out of the pool area at 10:00 p.m
• No alcohol that is not from the pool bar is allowed.
• People under the influence of alcohol are not allowed in pool.
• Loud or obscene behavior will not be tolerated.

If  any of  these rules  are broken there  will be a $150.00 USD fee.


• You must make proper use of our roadways and it is prohibited to exceed the speed limit established as well as to skid in our roadways.
• No off road access for recreational vehicles from beach.
• Tow service in case vehicles are stuck in beach will not be provided by resort. However we can provide contact information for private tow services.
• The use of motorcycles, golf carts, dune buggies, etc. are permitted to enter as long as the noise is not irritating and should be used only as means of transportation, not for recreational use inside the resort. The limit of their use is until 7:00 pm.
• No intoxicated driving. Please plan your night accordingly and assign a designated driver. In case of being drunk and wanting to enter Laguna Shores, we will ask for someone else to drive as we will not be held responsible for any damages or incidents this may cause.
• Maintain the road safe for walking, jogging and riding bikes. Watch out for pedestrians at all times.
• Speed limit is 60 KM in dirt road and 40 KM in paved road.
• Owners and guest speeding will be fined.

If any of these rules are broken there will be a $150.00 USD fee.

Remember these rules are intended to enjoy the kind of resort we are, family oriented and relaxed.

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