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all about the clams!

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all about the clams!

October is a wonderful month for Puerto Peñasco, it’s not hot, it’s not cold, it’s just the perfect weather for a perfect vacation, and here at Laguna Shores Resort we’re going to take advantage of it for the clamming event, the event is for the whole family and friends, and consists of a set of activities and the big clam collection contest, in which all guests in the resort should participate as we will have great rewards for the winners and is a great opportunity to have a family moment.

If you have never extracted clams from the beach, do not worry it is a very simple and fun activity, and in a short time you will be an expert in clam extraction with the following tips:

Equipment Needed

You will need a strong sturdy shovel, a bucket to place your clams in, a rake and a dowel, which is a cylindrical pin made of metal, wood or plastic. A pair of insulated rubber boots will also prove very useful but not required. In some situations you could use a pitch fork, especially where there maybe some obstruction to easy shoveling.

Best Location

Once in the water, concentrate on the areas with some vegetation and a sand bed. You will not find any clam in rocky areas. Once you are able to locate one clam, there will be many more around the same area as clams prefer to be in groups close to each other.

Look for Breathing Holes

To find clams, look for small holes on the mud or sand. These are generally the clam’s breathing hole. The holes are often shaped like a U. Almost all kinds of clams will leave a small hole on the mud making it easier to find them. However, you may need to dig them out a little bit faster to avoid the tide, water or sand from covering up the hole. To identify if there are actual clams beneath, stomp near the holes and see if there will be a squirt of liquid. If there is, then there is a clam beneath the hole.

Dig a Little Deeper

Although clams can be found in muddy areas, freshwater or saltwater areas, you do need to do a little work to dig them. Once you have located an area where there are clams, dig about 6 to 8 inches from the top to get the clams. Often times, clams will burrow deeper into the mud.

You’re all set to go clam digging. These tips are sure to bring results.



We look forward to seeing you this October 13th 2018 at Laguna Shores Resort, Hasta luego Vecinos!



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