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Are you right for Laguna Shores Resort?

Are you right for Laguna Shores Resort?

Usually the question is the other way around – is Laguna Shores Resort right for you? I guess the question can be asked and answered either way, but I think you have to be looking for something special, different and unique to live here at Laguna Shores. Though we have lots of amenities and activities, you have to be the kind of person who can entertain yourself, find things to do, and love peace and solitude and love to relax. We are definitely not isolated out here, but true, it is a 10 to15 minute drive into town to go to the grocery store or get to your favorite bar or restaurant. That’s no big deal to me, but for some it is too far. I gave up the convenience of living in town and being close to everything to have peace and quiet and to live in a place I know is secure and people aren’t buzzing around me every day. Some people need that constant social interaction and there’s nothing wrong with that I just prefer the opposite.

If you’re like me, it’s easy to point out the pros of living at Laguna Shores Resort: away from town, miles of beach practically to myself, completely secure, no constant traffic, no loud neighbors, clean common areas, beautiful pool, lots of places to explore, open spaces, no crowds, and neighbors that I like. For some, Laguna Shores is a social place because that’s what they make of it – when they want it – it’s not forced upon you and everyone respects your privacy. I like to sit on my patio and read a book and only hear the sound of the ocean and birds (yes, and my mutts barking). I hated when people walked or drove by and looked in my windows or knocked on my door for this or that and I absolutely hated the cars with the loud speakers on top which I could hear for blocks. So, for the conveniences I had to give up, I gained a quiet, peaceful and beautiful place to live. I couldn’t even call it a sacrifice.

When the tide is low – as it is right now – I look at this as a positive – an opportunity not a negative. I get to get some exercise and take my dogs out to the water’s edge and possibly come across a treasure or two. I can get to places where sea shells hang out that are usually under water and I can explore the estuary on foot marveling at the birds and sediment and shape of it all. I guess for some that would be totally boring, but the good news is that that happens only once or twice a month – the rest of the time the water is within a few feet. Yesterday the tide was out and the wind had covered the tidelines with sand so exploring the beach wasn’t very fruitful, but it was a beautiful day to take my dog or a walk and she finds the fun in anything. Today I may read a book or do some housework (ick) or head to the estuary or the other side of the beach. If I weren’t wearing a sweater now at 1:30 pm, I could even go swimming. I could go biking, but I’m kind of lazy today so I am just going to hang and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Laguna Shores Resort is like nowhere else in Rocky Point. Some see it as too far away, but I see that as a bonus. From my house I can see the Sea of Cortez, Black Mountain, the estuary and the Pinacates and three of those I can walk to in minutes. Can you say that living in town or in any other master planned oceanfront community? Laguna Shores is really what you make of it. It is a treasure trove of activity and discovery and the resort provides some tools to make beach living fun such as kayaks, bicycles, tennis and basketball courts, miniature golf, a 5,000 sq. ft. trophy pool as well as many other amenities.

If you’re looking for a new home, consider “The Laguna Shores Advantage”. Spend some time here and judge for yourself if the conveniences you think you want are really a priority over what Laguna Shores has to offer. I believe anyone wanting to purchase a condo, home or build a custom home in Laguna Shores should come and check us out first. It’s a great place to live, everyone is friendly, and it’s really nice to be able to sit on your deck with a glass of wine and watch yet another beautiful sunset. Viva Laguna Shores!

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