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David Rush lives his dream in Rocky Point, Mexico

David Rush lives his dream in Rocky Point, Mexico

The other night here at a party at Laguna Shores Resort I met a very interesting, entertaining and happy guy who is living his dream life. He has a travel channel on YouTube and gets to travel the world meeting interesting people, visiting exotic places, and videotaping his journeys. How cool is that? It has been David Rush’s dream for a long time and three years ago he made it happen. How does a Las Vegas window washer go from giving up his 8 year business to travelling around the world? He just decided that’s what he wanted to do with his life and packed his van and headed out on the journey of his life. He has traveled to 47 states in the U.S. and has been to England, Ireland, Scotland, Bahamas and is now in Mexico. When he leaves Puerto Peñasco he plans to hit Kino Bay, San Carlos, Guaymas, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel, other places in the area, and then perhaps Belize. He goes where he wants when he wants though he does have a plan and as long as he can get sponsors for his travel channel he will continue his journey adding more subscribers and views to his (at present) 844 videos. As long as he has sponsors (video spots) he will keep on his journey, but he always has his window washing business to fall back on. In fact, a couple years back he did just that: He ran out of money, returned to Vegas to work for a bit and when he had enough saved he picked up where he left off on his Travel Chronicles journey.

The David Rush Travel Chronicles are short videos on YouTube featuring people, places and things or just scenery. The scope of his videos is phenomenal. His tag line is, “Where Ordinary People Become Extraordinary”, and that’s exactly what he brings across in his videos. They are just so down to earth featuring real people and their real businesses with no fluff and hype. They are not top of the line scripted pieces where everyone and everything is perfect, but that’s what makes them unique and very watchable in my opinion. I watched a lady who owned a toy shop show you around her store and there are other business owners who just open up their door and let David have a look around as they describe what’s being shown. A very fresh and appealing way to showcase a variety of businesses including motels, resorts, bars and lounges, motels, gift shops – you name it and it’s in there and the greatest thing is they are from all over the United States and other countries. I am interested to see his videos on England and Scotland since I have been there myself. I watched a few from Rocky Point and thought them very clever. If a newbie was planning on visiting Rocky point, Mexico – or any other place, David’s Travel Chronicles are a great way to get the real feel of the city. I watched Gustavo, owner of Optica Turati. I took a tour of Bryan’s Sports Bar. I got to see Encanto and Luna Blanca developments. I toured JJ’s Cantina, Giuseppi’s, the Lighthouse Restaurant, Max’s Café and the Tequila Factory. There are many I have not looked at so this is not a complete list. It would be great for everyone to share the link to David’s Travel Chronicles on their social media networks so more people are aware of what he does. You can find him on Facebook by searching David Rush.net – like his travel page and check out his videos on YouTube and become a subscriber.

I got to meet David because he was filming out here at Laguna Shores Resort. I instantly liked him. His enthusiasm for his dream job comes across instantly and he is so honest and just really likable. No pomp-and-circumstance with him. He knows he’s not the best out there, but he loves what he does and he says he gets better each and every day. I am looking forward to seeing his footage of Laguna Shores Resort and I think a lot of people will be able to get a better grasp on just how awesome it is to live here. Some say it’s “way out”, but with the Coastal Highway, we are just as close to town as most resorts on Sandy Beach and much closer to Peñasco’s city center than many homes in town. I remember when we all thought driving to the Desert Oasis was like driving to Sonoyta – it’s just perspective.

I hope you all get to take a look at the Laguna Shores video spots on David Rush’s Travel Chronicles or Reality Travel Show as some call it. They will be posted on the Laguna Shores Resort website at www.lagunashoresresort.com and on their Facebook page as well as on David’s YouTube site at www.youtube.com/davidrushnet. Don’t forget that Laguna Shores Resort currently has contests for a free fractional ownership in one of their condos and they are also giving away several vacation packages. Entering is easy – check out their Facebook page for details.

If you are interested in being featured on the Reality Travel Show, contact David Rush on his Facebook page or on his website at www.davidrush.net. He is still here in Rocky Point so check his posts on Facebook and you might catch him at a local tavern, restaurant or development. Every video you can share and tell your friends about is great for Rocky Point because it shows the true Rocky Point – real people, real places, no fluff and gloss and that’s what makes David’s video so popular.

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