Do you know that Laguna Shore Resort has bicycles?

June 24, 2021

Do you know that Laguna Shore Resort has bicycles?

Laguna Shores has more than 20 activities for you to enjoy during your stay. And one of those activities is a bicycle ride. You can rent a bicycle to use in the resort area or one that you can use on the beach. Want to know how and what do you need to rent it out? You can rent any of our two types of bikes, for the normal ones you can use around the resort you only need an ID, but you will need an ID and a $10.00 dollar deposit, that would be returned to you when the bike is returned in the same conditions you got it. for the bike to use at the beach and the double bike. Enjoy and get to know Laguna Shores Resort in a whole new way. Ride down on the beach to have an adventure and see cool seashells or ride down around the resort to see the cool houses and the areas that we have for different activities for you to do. Or if you are just looking for a healthy and fun activity to do during your stay then ride all the way to the security gate and back to the pool area. Whatever you decide, enjoy it and stay safe. Remember days are getting hotter every time and staying fresh and having fun is always important. 

Don’t miss out on this activity or any of our other activities during your stay in Laguna. 

You can always ask our front desk staff about the different activities we have to offer you during your stay here in Laguna Shores Resort.

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