Laguna Shores Resort Fractional Shares and Vacation Plans can turn your tax return into a great investment and a fantastic lifetime of vacations

Laguna Shores Resort Fractional Shares and Vacation Plans can turn your tax return into a great investment and a fantastic lifetime of vacations

By Lannette Phipps

The deadline for getting your tax return mailed in is looming and some of you are ahead of the game and awaiting your tax returns as you read this. Perhaps some of you already have them in hand. Like most of us, we have already spent our tax returns (in our minds) so for those of you who are planning to take a vacation why not take a look at Laguna Shores Resort and turn a one-time vacation into a lifetime of vacations? What could be more rewarding than that?

Laguna Shores Resort, located on the Sea of Cortez in Rocky Point, Mexico, is the perfect place to have a vacation home or condo since it is a short 4-hour drive from the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas in Arizona. You have worked hard for that tax return so why not get some relaxation out of it? And, not only will you get a relaxing vacation, but you will also have a lifetime investment in one of the 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom condos.

Fractional Shares let you own a piece or share of a condominium at Laguna Shores Resort. Fractionals are NOT the same as timeshares where you do not own any actual real property. You will be getting real value for your tax return and your family will have a beautiful and fun place to vacation on the ocean. No matter how small or large your tax return is, there is a Vacation Plan that will meet your needs and the time you can spend vacationing. In other words, purchase as little as one weekend a year or as much as you want – it all depends on your budget.

• Book up to one year in advance

• Condo always maintained inside and outside

• Hassle-free booking experience

• Book your own condo or another unit

• Member HIS – discounted global travel

The Laguna Shores Resort Fractional Plan is the smart way to vacation. You do not have to worry about maintenance on a 2nd home that you may only use a few times per year. You don’t have to worry about property taxes, utility bills, or the safety of your home while you are away. And you will not have to spend one minute of your well deserved vacation making home repairs. When you arrive at your condo, everything is in working order and all you have to do is unpack and start enjoying all of the amenities that the Resort has to offer.

Laguna Shores Resort offers greatly discounted rental rates for those of you who want to come to Rocky Point, Mexico and take a tour of the resort. Spend a weekend checking out the amenities, the atmosphere and vibe and then decide if a Fractional Share is right for you and your family. It is the smart, no-hassle, money saving way to ensure a wonderful and relaxing vacation every time you visit. Take a look at our website at www.lagunashoresresort.com to see photos of the resort, read stories about the resort and about Rocky Point, and see the many amenities you will be able to enjoy. If you would like to visit the resort, and are a first-time visitor, go onto our Facebook page for current rental specials or call 1-800-513-1426 ext. 0. We hope to see you soon.

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