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How not to drive yourself crazy while driving around Rocky Point roads

How not to drive yourself crazy while driving around Rocky Point roads

If you’ve been to Rocky Point, Mexico then you no doubt have been confused while driving around town. The main roads: Blvd. Benito Juarez; and Fremont Street, are pretty straight forward and marked well compared to many of the other city streets. Stop signs have gone missing so now only a post remains or they are hidden by shrubbery or perhaps the entire sign is gone. Some streets are thoroughfares while others have stop signs on every corner or every other corner and sometimes there is a stop sign where there is only a 3-way stop so there is no reason to stop if you are going straight. I think some vendors do this so you have to stop in front of their shop. No harm, no foul and it actually works for slowing traffic down.

The best advice I can offer is practice defensive driving and assume nothing. Some days it’s like playing that old game Poll Position – I think that’s what it’s called (I’m dating myself now). You have to anticipate what the driver(s) ahead, behind and to the sides of you might do while figuring out what you will do if any one of many scenarios happen. This is the worst case scenario and seems to happen more when there is a full moon out. I swear everyone goes nuts around here. So, defensive driving and no assumptions is what you live by while driving around. Usually, when someone turns on their blinker it means they will be turning in that direction. And that is usually the case here, but it could also mean it is the only blinker they have or they just forgot to click it off. If you are the second car in line, look for sudden left or right hand turns from the wrong lane. Watch for people racing to get to the next light or their destination – this means cutting in front of you or in and out of traffic or even driving on the shoulder or in the shared middle turn lane. Watch for cars not stopping at the stop sign when they are supposed to or the famous “California roll stop” – I am guilty of that myself. Watch for sudden stops in front of you and be sure to watch the car behind you. When you are on a hill make sure you give the vehicle in front of you plenty of room to roll back if they are driving a stick shift.

All of these bad driving habits I’ve seen in the States as well, but they certainly happen here a lot more, which is why it is also very important to get full coverage Mexican insurance on your vehicle for the entire time you are in Mexico. That Mexican insurance protects you from going to jail and can give you advocates, translators, attorneys and others you may need. In Mexico, if you are in an accident it is your fault so vehicles are impounded until restitution is made. But if you have insurance the police know that restitution will be made once guilt or innocence is figured out. It will mean keeping you out of jail and your vehicle may be kept just for a few hours. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind – and believe me, it is well worth it. I can speak from a position of knowledge having been in accidents in Mexico and witnessed many accidents of friends and family and the aftermath – and of those foreigners who do not have insurance.

If there is no stop sign on your corner, look on the opposite corner to see if there is one there – that is another big savior. If there are no stop signs on any corner then slow down (check the vehicle behind you and warn them you are going to slow down by stepping on your brake) and come to a stop and look all ways for vehicles or do a “California roll” through the intersection. I would probably recommend a full stop because you can get a ticket even if there is not a stop sign present and you don’t stop. Crazy, I know, but a price we pay for gorgeous sunsets and 351 days of sunshine. You will find most of these stop sign mishaps when you get to driving around town off the main streets. Just be careful and proceed with caution and if you are not sure…just stop and make sure the vehicle behind you is not going to rear end you. If you are in an accident, your fault or not, you MUST call the police and they will come and make a report. After you call the police cal your insurance adjuster or other assistance you may have purchased. Do not drive away from any accident without getting a police report.

I’m sure if I say awhile and thought about all of the crazy driving stunts I’ve seen down here I would make you not want to drive, but I’ve been here a long time and have driven, and drive, more than any visitor ever would. Just be aware and be defensive and don’t assume.

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