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Leave some shells for the crabs

Leave some shells for the crabs

I admit I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to collecting shells. I love going to Rocky Point beaches – or any beach for that matter – and collecting shells. It’s very tempting to gather every decent shell you come across for fear you may not find another. This is fine, but make sure that there are no living creatures in the shells and at the end of your trip go through the shells you have collected and take home only the best ones – give the others back to the crabs.

The weather is beautiful for beachcombing and shell collecting and some Rocky Point, Mexico beaches are full of beautiful sea shells. I say some because the shells are disappearing from some beaches like Sandy Beach. You can still find shells there, but they are not as abundant as they were 10 or 15 years ago when you couldn’t walk a few steps without finding a cool shell and sand dollars when the tide went out.

Here at Laguna Shores, the beach is still rich with sea shells. I walk the beach just about every day and collect shells. I specifically look for California Trivia, but I can’t help picking up small Turbans, Keyhole Limpets, Calico Scallops, Lettered Olives, and many others. Since I have been collecting so long I have learned to only pick up the best sea shells, but I remember a time when I grabbed up everything because there were so many. As time went on I found better ones and ended up discarding the shells that weren’t as pretty. This is a good thing to do while you walk along the beach: pick up the shells you like and when you find a better one discard the others you collected early in your walk. Still, to this day, I “collect and release”: some shells seem to look better than the bet one I have, but when I get home I see that it’s not better so I set it aside and send it back to the ocean on my next walk.

I usually avoid shell collecting around rocky areas when the tide is low or has gone out. I have found, on more than one occasion that I have picked up a shell with a living creature in it. Not only do I not want someone’s home, but I don’t want to carry it around during my walk and have the sea creature inside die. Not only are they very stinky, but I can find a similar shell with no living creature. I often take my camera with me so if I see a beautiful shell, I can photograph it and leave it where I found it that way I can still look at it every day.

The beach and estuary areas are some of the best for shelling here at Laguna Shores Resort. I can say that with confidence after shelling Rocky Point beaches for over 15 years. Sure, different beaches have different shells, but you can find a wide variety of shells around Laguna Shores Resort. I am amazed every time I go shelling at the different shells I find in the different areas. And at extreme low tide there are even more places to shell.

If you haven’t been to Laguna Shores Resort in awhile or have never been, it’s time to come out and take a look. Take a tour of the property and see all of the amenities they have to offer like kayaks, bicycles, a restaurant, two pools – one over 5,000 sq. ft., basketball, volleyball, tennis, cabana beds, shaded chaise lounge seating, miniature golf and so much more. Laguna Shores Resort is the best master planned ocean front community in Rocky Point, Mexico. Paver stone streets, street lights and underground utilities make it the most attractive by far. Whether you’re looking for a vacation spot or a lot, custom home, or condominium, Laguna Shores Resort has it all within their 6,000+ acre development which also features of low density housing and its own natural estuary. Visit their website at www.lagunashoresresort.com for more information or to book a condo or vacation home. Check out their Faceook page at www.facebook.com/lagunashoresresort for special deals and enter to win a fractional share in one of their beautiful condos or a vacation package – enter and you could be an owner at the best resort in Rocky Point, Mexico. It’s a great place to vacation and live.

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