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Low and Extreme Low Tide Activities at Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico

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Low and Extreme Low Tide Activities at Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico

Though I write this article/list about activities at Laguna Shores Resort, many of the activities are relevant to other beach resort areas in Rocky Point.

It is well known that Puerto Peñasco has one of the highest tide fluctuations in the world (I believe we are no. 3). Since it is so severe, some beach resorts/areas are left without the rolling Sea of Cortez for many hours a day certain times of the month. Areas such as Cholla Bay and here at Laguna Shores Resort, we sometimes have to walk way, way out to get to the ocean. But don’t fret, it doesn’t last long. We all know a hundred things we can do when the tide is in, but what can we do to occupy ourselves when the tide is out. Here’s a list of low tide activities we enjoy at Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico:

Low Tide and Extreme Low Tide

  • Beachcombing – it’s not simply just walking up and down the beach. Here at Laguna Shores one side of the beach “ends” at the estuary and the other at a rocky point, but pass these points and there is another world of discovery

After you’ve walked the long main beach in front of Laguna Shores Resort then take on one side or the other. You won’t be able to do it all in one day. To the right there is the estuary, and while this expanse area is protected and very marshy, you can follow the waterway in as far as you can go. Chances are you will see some beautiful wildlife and flora. On this side there is also a place I call “Barnacle Isle” because when I first crossed the estuary to get there I found incredibly beautiful and large barnacles and all kinds of shells covered in barnacles. Heaven! The whole area has changed since then, and seems to change quite a few times a year, but on Barnacle Isle you can walk and walk and walk and see all kinds of interesting shells. There is a rock reef that’s fun to poke around in and walk the flat sand toward the water in hopes of finding a sand dollar or two.

Go to the left end of the beach and you’ll come to a large “rocky point” – no, it’s not the area the city was named for, but it is pretty cool. Like the other side, this side has also changed drastically. Sometimes the rocks are completely exposed and it’s an obstacle course to get through to the other side. The other day when I was out there, the sand had buried a lot of the rocks, making the passage not as tricky. You can even rock jump or hop, but be careful as some are slippery. Tucked in and around each rock is a plethora of shells – all kinds of them. Take a look in the bay in front of the rocks and find scallop shells, olive shells, turkey wings, false angel wings and a whole bunch of others. (I have requested that Laguna Shores Resort get a few books on the shells in the Sea of Cortez to loan out so that residents and renters alike can identify their finds.) Make it around this rocky point and another long stretch of beach awaits. From here you have a great view of the resorts on Sandy Beach (the backside) as well as Cholla Bay. Walk down a bit and you will run into Laguna del Mar. If you’re a walker or jogger – the beach in front of Laguna Shores Resort is a great place to get exercise.

My “Not-so-secret” Shell Isle is the best place to go at low tide. It is a long sandy shelf located out in front of the resort and is buried by the Sea of Cortez most of the time, but certain days it can be seen and at extreme low tide all of it is fully exposed – even at low, low tide as well. Extreme low tide is the best time to go to the island because you will have the most time to spend out there. I’m not sure how long it is, but you will spend hours for sure. The high sandy points are littered with shells – Calico Scallops of beautiful colors such as purple and pink and red and orange, Scallop backs, Rose Petal Tellins, Tellins of all colors, Lion’s Paws (a great find), Scotch Bonnets, Murex and tons of others. I have found some beautiful Lettered Olive Shells out there, but beware, since the island is mostly under water, the shells may have inhabitants…or they may have departed soon before and boy do they s-t-i-n-k! I take hand sanitizer with me, but that doesn’t cut it. I found grabbing some handfuls of wet sand and rubbing it for a few minutes will most always take the stink out. Sometimes you have to do it three or four times and back it up with sanitizer. (I was shelling the other day while the pelicans were hogging the beach and though the mounds of shells smelt foul, I did not realize the pelicans had pooped on them until I was buried up to my elbow. OMG! Gross! Try and get that smell off your hands. I had a little vomit in my mouth. Just kidding, but it was gross so beware of bird poop before you go digging. Steer clear of wet or slimy white or green splats. I didn’t have sanitizer, but about 10 handfuls of sand did the trick. Won’t make that mistake again. Okay, I probably will.)

  • Clamming – another fun thing to do when low tide is here. You can read up on how to find the clams or if you see people clamming – go ask them – they’ll be happy to school you, but please don’t poach their area unless they invite you. Many clam for a living or for food for their family. To find claims you can look for air bubbles and then dive into the muck and feel around till you find a clam. Here at Laguna Shores we have a ton of crabs too (small ones) and they make air holes as well, so be nice to the crabbies and toss them aside. Once you have found your clam(s), throw it in your bucket and go for the next one. Experts take a rake and shovel, but getting muddy is more fun. After you have collected all the clams you want take them back to your condo or home and rinse well. Some soak them in water overnight and some use a saline solution. If the clam is open or even partially open when you find it – it needs to stay put – no good for eating. If after you clean the clams some open, do not eat them. After they are all clean you can either steam the clams or put them on the BBQ for a clam bake. It’s a great way to make a day of fun and have dinner too. What else could be a true Mexican adventure?

Along with the above very special low tide activities, Laguna Shores Resort also offers all of the below activities on one location…no other master planned community in Rocky Point can claim this. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

More low tide activities:

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Miniature Golf
  • Swimming
  • Palapa Pool Bar
  • Sunning in the Pool or chaise lounges or on the beach cabana beds
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Horseshoes
  • Read a great book or listen to one on your iPod
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Sandbag Toss
  • Massage, manicure and pedicures at the Laguna Shores Spa
  • Exercise on the treadmills or with weights in the gym
  • Grab a bike and go for a ride around the property or down the beach or Coastal Hwy. (bikes are offered to renters and owners at no charge)
  • Birding in the Estuary (borrow a field guide from Laguna Shores Lending Library and a pair of binoculars and set out to see how many different birds you can identify)
  • Take in a movie or borrow a book – Laguna Shores has free rentals (Peñasco also has a 6-theater cinema downtown if you want to see the latest blockbusters)
  • Billiards, foosball, ping-pong as well as many board games in the Game Room
  • Enjoy a great meal at Mikky’s Beach Club Restaurant open daily from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Take a self-guided tour of Laguna Shores Resort or grab a salesman and see some of the luxurious 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom condos that are available for fractional shares and sale.

If you want to spend the day, or a few hours away from the Resort, here are more ideas:

  •  Tour the Pinacate Visitor’s Center and/or the volcanic craters
  • Walk around Old Port, grab a shrimp taco or cocktail and do some shopping (same goes for “Rodeo Drive” sans the shrimp – but great souvenirs and stuff you just can’t live without!)
  • Fish, snorkel, dive, parasail, jet-ski or take a banana boat ride or go up in the ultra-lite plane
  • Enjoy a few hours out at sea on a refreshing Sunset cruise (you’re sure to see dolphins)
  • Visit a local Mercado (market) and pick up some avocados (really cheap), tomatoes, cilantro, onions, tomatoes and your own salsa and guacamole when you get back to your condo at Laguna Shores.
  • Stop by the fish market and grab some “big blues” (shrimp) then head back to your condo to enjoy sunset and an ice cold beverage with your fresh shrimp and freshly handmade salsa and guacamole. A truly perfect Mexican evening.
  • Day trip it to close cities like Caborca, Desemboque, Puerto Lobos and small towns in-between.
  • Take a tour of Rocky Point and visit CEDO and see the fin whale skeleton and shop for great souvenirs in their gift shop. Visit the many galleries and stores around town for one-of-a-kind items and stop at one of the many restaurants and grab a bite to eat or try your luck at the casino inside the Black Dog.

With all of these things to do – you won’t even miss the water at low tide! Check out the tide chart to see the tide fluctuations. We are moving toward a New Moon which means very a high tide. Come and enjoy Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort and discover “The Laguna Shores Advantage”. To book a home or condo, please call them at 1-800-513-1426 or visit their website at www.lagunashoresresorts.com. Check out their latest “Fish and Stay” Special on their Facebook Page – “Like” and get the details on a super inexpensive fish and stay trip to Rocky Point, Mexico and Laguna Shores Resort.

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