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Laguna Shores Resort has your condo reserved now all you have to do is get there

Laguna Shores Resort has your condo reserved now all you have to do is get there

Laguna Shores Resort has your condo reserved now all you have to do is get there

By Lannette Phipps

Now that you have booked your vacation at Laguna Shores Resort, you’ll just need to pack the car, grab everyone and come on down! Getting to Rocky Point, Mexico is a 4 hr. scenic and easy drive from either Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona – a little longer for Southern California folks and a different route.

Driving to Mexico from either Phoenix or Tucson, Arizona you can expect to pass a couple U.S. Border Patrol checkpoints. They usually don’t stop you coming south, but you will have to stop going home and answer a few simple questions. And you will be stopped, on the U.S. side at Lukeville, Arizona before you cross into Mexico, by U.S. Agents – this stop can back traffic up so be sure to add a little extra traveling time. So, say it takes 4.5 hours to get to Rocky Point, Mexico and Laguna Shores Resort.

If you are coming from the Phoenix, Arizona area, you have great highway all the way to the border. You will take I-10 west and exit onto South Hwy. 85 (unless you come through Maricopa). The highway has been completely reconstructed and rerouted from I-10 all the way into Gila Bend. Nice smooth 4-lane highway for the most part. It is about 30 miles from the I-10 turn-off to Gila Bend so watch for the signs as you get close because you’ll be making a right hand turn at the stop sign. You will take the Business Route of Hwy. 85 through Gila Bend and turn right just before McDonalds – look for the sign that says Ajo and Rocky Point, Mexico. In Gila Bend there are plenty of places to get gas and fast food and there is a National Bank ATM. After you make the right just before McDonalds you will be back on South Highway 85. (If you can through Maricopa, or “Dead Cow Road” you will pick up the directions to Rocky Point from here…)The next town you will pass through will be Ajo, Arizona. Here there are plenty of gas stations, restaurants, convenience stores, a grocery store, a National Bank for ATM transactions and places to get Mexican auto insurance. Ajo is a fun little town with art galleries, neat shops and they always have some activity happening. Be sure you follow the speed limit through Ajo as this is “Pima County Sheriff Training Ground” and the speed limit drops rapidly down to 25 MP/H through town. And there is usually a speed trap 5 miles before Ajo and 5 miles after Ajo.

After you pass through Ajo, Arizona the next town will be Why, Arizona which is 10 miles down the road. This stretch of highway is probably the worst part of the road – narrow in places, no shoulder and a little bumpy, but there are some turnouts and plenty of places to pass. In Why, Arizona there are 2 gas station/convenience stores and they both sell Mexican auto insurance. After leaving Why, Arizona you will travel 30 miles to the U.S./Mexico border (Lukeville, AZ/Sonoyta, MX). Most of this area is The Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. The Organ Pipe Cactus can be found in only a couple of places in the United States. Approximately 5 miles from the border there is a campground, gift shop and display at the Organ Pipe Visitor’s Center. It is well worth a stop if you have a little extra time. There is a lot more to the area than you can see from the highway.

At the U.S./Mexico Border there is a gas station, restrooms, a restaurant, post office and a duty free store. You will be stopped by U.S. Officers before you cross into Mexico. They will ask a few questions and then you will proceed to cross into Mexico. This border crossing is open from 6:00 AM to 12:00 Midnight so plan carefully – the nearest motel is back in Ajo. When you cross into Mexico there will be two lanes ahead of you. If they are both lit (up above) with green then you can choose either lane. If one is red then choose the green one. You proceed through these lanes ONLY if you have nothing to declare (pay taxes on). If you have something you need to declare you will pull off to your immediate left – do not go through the lanes.

Once you proceed through the lanes into Mexico the light at the end of the lane will either flash green (pase = go ahead) or red (alto = stop and pull to the left). If you get the red light you will be instructed where to park and your vehicle will be inspected. Do not get out of the vehicle unless they ask you to. They may ask for registration for your vehicle and for anything you may be hauling – make sure you have proper title/registration in your name. The Officers will ask a few quick questions and you will be on your way. One thing to note: Even if you get the green light you may still be pulled over so watch the Officers as you proceed through the lane.

Once you enter into Mexico you will continue straight on through Sonoyta. The way to Puerto Peñasco is clearly marked and be sure to watch your speed limit. Proceed slowly through the town and you will now be on your last leg to Rocky Point, Mexico! You will travel approximately 66 miles on Hwy. 8 until you reach Rocky Point. The 2-lane highway is in good shape and is heavily travelled so chances are you will not be the only one on the road. There are shoulders in most spots, turnouts and plenty of places to pass. If you experience vehicle trouble open the hood of your vehicle and the Green Angels will be by to help you out with water, gas, oil and minor mechanical help. They patrol the highway from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and their services are free (you will pay for any materials you need).

There will be a military checkpoint on the outskirts of Rocky Point. Traffic can get backed-up here as well so have patience. They will ask you a few questions and send you on your way. Be sure that you bring no firearms, ammunition or currency over $10,000 USD into Mexico. If you have more than $10,000 USD you will need to stop at the border and declare and firearms and ammo are strictly prohibited and you will be taken to jail so be sure to clean your vehicle of any casings or loose shells and ammo.

As you pass through the military checkpoint you will merge to your right to get to Laguna Shores Resort. Heading straight will take you into town, and going around the glorieta will get you to Caborca and beach developments that are further south. So, after making a right onto “the ranch road” as I call it, you will continue straight until you cross the railroad tracks and come to the Coastal Highway. After you cross the railroad tracks you will get into your right hand lane and turn onto the Coastal Highway for a few miles until you come to the Laguna Shores Resort arches on your left hand side.

At the security gate for Laguna Shores Resort you will be given a visitor’s pass and armbands. Sometimes you will be escorted onto the property and other times they will tell you just to go straight ahead. The road before you get to the resort is hard packed kaliche and smooth. Once you hit the paver stone streets at the beginning of the development you will proceed ahead roughly 5 blocks and then make a right to head toward the restaurant and check-in.

Welcome to Laguna Shores Resort! It is now time to unwind, relax and leave your worries behind. Be sure to get a tour of the property so you will be aware of all of the amenities Laguna Shores Resort has to offer you during your stay. If you would like to book your vacation at Laguna Shores Resort, book online at www.lagunashoresresort.com or call 1-800-513-1426.

This article is brought to you by Laguna Shores Resort, a master planned oceanfront community on the Sea of Cortez in Rocky Point, Mexico. Located just north of town, off of the Coastal Highway,  Laguna Shores offers: real estate for sale, fractional shares, condos, homes, lots, as well as custom home building services. They also offer condos and homes for rent. Laguna Shores Resort is like no other master planned community in Puerto Peñasco with their many amenities, low-density housing, desal plant, and underground utilities. Come out and take a tour – you will be pleasantly surprised. Ask about their Lifetime Vacation Plans – the smart and economic way to vacation. Visit their website at www.lagunashoresresort.com for photos, maps, videos and a wealth of information about the resort and Rocky Point, Mexico. “Like” them on Facebook to receive vacation rental specials and promotions, as well as real estate for sale such as beachfront lots, homes and condos. Phone Toll Free from the U.S. 1-800-513-1426.

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