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Laguna Shores Resort: Peace and Tranquility

Laguna Shores Resort: Peace and Tranquility

Laguna Shores Resort:  Peace and Tranquility

By Glen Paulsen; Laguna Shores Resort resident

The peace of God that passes all understanding can come to anyone, anywhere, in any circumstance, yet there is a peace and tranquility, that exists in the daily existence at Laguna Shores, at least for me and my household.  Let me explain. 

Each day, at first light, the beauty over the desert to and past Pinacate and the peaks to the east is breath taking and even if you sleep in, the views and breezes of the morning are just plain nice.  All day, most days the breezes can shake things up a bit but the compensation is heat relief and joy and yes the winds even do some housekeeping.  I look forward to the high tides although both tides are nice and provide opportunities for different activities, each to their own.  The high tides are wonderful to see and participate with.  I normally head south and almost always have the area to myself except for my buddies, our two dogs, Tobey and Diva traveling on the back of the Kawasaki, ATV.  Many times it is so inviting that I immediately with my pals, jump into the turquoise sea and flop like the seals.  There is so much to see and discover on the way.  At low tide, the walks to the sea are invigorating and if you’re in the mood, dig for some clams or wade for scallops.  The view overlooking the sea to the Baja is nice.

Afternoons are inviting for a swim in the pool and sitting under a palapa with a book, walking, pondering or seeking adventure or refreshments with friends . 

Evenings and the sunset looking to the Baja is beyond descriptive words with the long lasting color and the awe of seeing the orange globe descend below the horizon.  The reds, violets, maze of orange, yellow and blue melt me with its presence and the dark of night is especially great and of course assumedly quiet.  Sometimes I just go to my roof or walk or ATV to the beach and get rid of all man – made light and gaze at the heavens with amazement at what I see.   Closing my eyes and feeling the breeze and smelling the salty air…..well, I am from the coast of Maine on the Atlantic so I have the sea in my soul.

When I came to Laguna Shores I was told that some want the noise and activity of the town and others want tranquility and peace.  I chose the latter and made adventure an add on event. Hearing the heart beat of your mate is something really special. In this quiet place with many homes and people from all walks, even the animals share with us.  We started a compost heap but the prairie dogs, cotton tails and jack rabbits along with 8 doves and three burrowing owls visit nightly.  They bring us much joy and keep expanding.

Peace and tranquility are for the taking and if you can stand yourself, life at Laguna Shores is a treasure.  Many are called but few are chosen.  Life can be better….much better.

Come discover Laguna Shores Resort, book your next stay by calling 1-800-513-1426 from the US or Canada; call 636-383-0210 from Mexic or book online www.lagunashoresresort.com/resort-activities/

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