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Bird Island in Rocky Point, Mexico is a natural playground where you can snorkel, swim and frolic with thousands of sea lions in their natural habitat

Bird Island in Rocky Point, Mexico is a natural playground where you can snorkel, swim and frolic with thousands of sea lions in their natural habitat

Bird Island in Rocky Point, Mexico is a natural playground where you can snorkel, swim and frolic with thousands of sea lions in their natural habitat

 By Lannette Phipps

San Jorge Island, better known as Bird Island, is actually a chain of jagged “snow capped” mountains jutting from the sea. The “snow capping” comes compliment of the many species of birds that call the isle home. In addition to the birds, over 3,000 sea lions also call Bird Island home and a trip to see these amazing creatures is among the best things to do in Rocky Point. In fact, it’s better than any experience you will ever have at Sea World or any water park in the world.

Bird Island is about a 2-hour boat ride southeast of Rocky Point. Cruising the Sea of Cortez on a beautiful March day this spring break is a thrilling experience, especially because you may see whales and dolphins on your way. Many people visit Bird Island just to get a good look at the sea lions, the bulls and their babies during mating and birthing seasons. It is a photographers dream as well as a birdwatchers dream: an array of migratory birds such as boobies, cormorants, red-billed tropicbirds, and brown pelicans reside on the islands. Swimmers, snorkelers and divers also love Bird Island for the playful sea lions and the fascinating variety of beautiful fish and interesting marine invertebrates that are all around the island.

So, charter a trip to Bird Island in Rocky Point, Mexico, put on your snorkel gear and jump into the Sea of Cortez where you will find yourself surrounded by playfully curious sea lions. This is fun that the entire family can enjoy. What better way to spend a day in Rocky Point, Mexico than to explore nature’s playground and its inhabitants? And what better way to spend a day of spring break. The trip is inexpensive compared to the experience of being amongst so many sea lions in their natural habitat. I know this word is overused, but being out there in the ocean with sea lions playing all around you is just AWESOME! They are so curious about you and love to tease you by darting around you, below you and peeking their heads up now and then.

You don’t have to wait to jump into the ocean to see the sea lions because as you approach the island sea lions will swim out to greet the boat and, as you get closer, you will see many sunbathing on the rocky islands or floating in the water with one or both fins pointing to the sky. Some will stay on the rocks or floating the entire time you are there, but others will slip into the water and come to check you out. It is always wise to remain a safe distance from the island and the “bulls” (male sea lions) will definitely let you know when you are too close with their gravely grunts and loud barks. At some 2,200 lbs, you will want to heed their warning. The bulls are most territorial during mating season. Most other times of the year they stand guard like sentinels neck deep in water barking to let you know they are boss. The young sea lions are most curious and will swim around you three, four or more at a time. They come so close you can almost touch them…but they are fast. Depending on your charter, you usually get to spend 2 to 4 hours swimming around the islands. And when it’s time to get back on the boat you will wonder where the time went. The experience never gets old whether you’ve been 1 or 100 times to Bird Island.

Many take the tour of Bird Island and prefer not to snorkel with the sea lions and for these folks there are other options such as kayaking around the islands or perching on large rafts tethered to the boat or hanging on the boat spotting birds and watching the sea lions. Kayaking around the island is another great way to feel at one with nature. The sea lions will follow you in the kayak and porpoise and dive under and all around you. The trip is so much fun everyone should go at least once while they are vacationing in Puerto Peñasco.

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