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The Beauty of El Pinacate

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The Beauty of El Pinacate

Puerto Penasco is known for its natural beauty – Sea of Cortez on one side, mountains on the other and the Sonora Desert just to the east. So whether you love the ocean or want to go rock climbing in the mountains or you and a group of friends want to explore the flora and fauna of the desert, there is something in stored for everyone here! In fact, spring, fall and summer are the best seasons to visit Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Come with friends and family, reserve a gorgeous condo for everyone at the Laguna Shores Resort and you will have a fantastic vacation package. Visit us at lagunashoresresorts.com for more details.

Come to this beautiful area to appreciate the breathtaking work of Mother Nature. But remember, the topography and geography are varied and you will have a slice of all worlds – ocean, desert, mountains, plains etc. And while you are here, do not miss out on visiting El Pinacate.

El Pinacate is a stark, rocky outcropping in the Sonora desert. The area includes a huge one- mile diameter crater that was formed more than a thousand years ago. The crater is nearly 350 feet deep. The region has other striking features – huge sand dunes and granite mountains. The mountains, sand dunes and the craters are all unusual geologic formations.

People interested in biological diversity need not worry. The surface water is negligible and rainfall is scarce. In spite of these adversities, many vertebrates and mammals inhabit this region – badger, desert fox, many species of bats, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope etc. El Pinacate has been declared as a national park of Mexico and is open to visitors during certain hours. The weird-looking yet stunning landscape of the region is fascinating and alluring. It is a whole different experience to visit this region – you feel so little and miniscule in front of the forces of nature – you are simply awestruck!

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