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The Delectable Food of Mexico

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The Delectable Food of Mexico

Mexico is one of the top destinations for tourists worldwide. Whether you want to enjoy a desert camping trip, a beach holiday, a hiking expedition or a complete party holiday, Mexico has something for everyone.

Other than immense natural beauty and the warmth of the people, Mexico also has a lot to offer tourists in terms of delicious food and beverages!

Corn (elote in Spanish) is extensively grown in the country, and hence it is the main ingredient in most of Mexican dishes. In fact, whether you go to a small village pub or a sit down Mexican restaurant, you will be treated to corn tortillas at the beginning of every meal. Do not miss out on delicious authentic tacos when you are visiting Mexico. Other corn-based dishes which need to be experienced are tamales (cornmeal with a wide range of tangy and spicy stuffings and sauces), flautas (tortillas filled with sauces and meat, rolled up and then deep fried). Quesadillas (fried tortillas with choice of meat, cheese and sauces) are another culinary treat from Mexico, and are very tasty and like nothing you have ever tasted in the United States or Canada! Usually, some delectable sauces, salsa etc. is a regular accompaniment to meals.

Mexico is full of beaches, which means there is plenty of sea food. Mexico is a food haven for all seafood lovers, especially people who love crustaceans. Almost all of the smaller as well as plush restaurants and bars serve regional and local seafood delicacies. In terms of must-try local dishes you should consider cabrito asado (roasted baby goat) and the exotic Yucatan specialty of cochinita pibil (suckling pig marinated in citrus juices and other spices). For vegetarians, try the nopales (cactus-based dish). For desert, try flan or the local fruits – zapote and tuna.

For all you alcoholic beverage lovers – tequila and kahlua (coffee liqueur) are two well-known Mexican specialties!

Aside from the regular water activities, desert camping, hiking, beach walking and sipping cocktails on the beach, do not be afraid to venture out and try different dishes of Mexican origin.  They are all different and delectable.


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