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Top Places to Visit in Mexico

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Top Places to Visit in Mexico

A Mexican vacation can be a thrill and an adventure. Mexico is a beautiful destination for all types of people and all interest groups! Whether you are traveling with family, friends or you are going to Mexico for your honeymoon, there is something  for everyone. All you have to do is choose the type of Mexican destination you want to visit and enjoy!

Let’s start with the Mexico City. Mexico City is a huge metropolis with many beautiful buildings, culture, museums, nightlife etc. It is a reasonably safe city with a population of over 21 million. Visit the Plaza Garibaldi to get a feel of the Mexican Time square!


But if you want a Mexican beach adventure, visit Cancun. It is supposed to be one of the prettiest places in Mexico. The mesmerizing beaches, delicious local food, yummy cocktails and the overall festive atmosphere here brings thousands of tourists every year. It should also be mentioned that Cancun is one of the safest places in Mexico.

Along with Cancun, spend a couple of days in Merida. Merida is just a couple of hours drive from Cancun and is exotic in its own way. It is a colonial town, and the 17th century cathedrals and the open air shows hosted over the weekends are very festive. And the next day you can visit the mangrove swamps nearby for a day of bird watching and maybe even a flamingo sighting.

But if you want a true gourmet trip to Mexico, visit San Miguel De Allende. It is just north of the Mexico City and once again is in one of the most safe, drug free areas of the country. With its huge cathedrals, botanical gardens, gourmet restaurants, cooking studios, organic farms and organic markets, it is a favorite destination for people wanting to experience  true Mexican heritage and cuisine!

There are many other gorgeous places in Mexico like Playa De Carmen, Puebla etc., which are beautiful and fascinating in their own right. But if you want a quiet, stunning beach destination that is within driving distance of the US border, visit Puerto Penasco. It is surrounded by the Sea of Cortez, the Sonora desert and stark mountains. Stay at Laguna Shores Resort for a great getaway. Visit us at lagunashoresresort.com for more details.

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