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Travelers Guide to Mexico

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Travelers Guide to Mexico

Baja California, Mexico is very near to the west coast of the US. Thus, it has always been a favorite vacation destination for many travelers. The country is beautiful and has many cities and beach destinations for all kinds of tourists. Cancun and Puerto Penasco are famous beach destinations in Mexico. And even better, you can rent a villa at Laguna Shores Resort, Puerto Penasco and have a time of your life. Visit us at Laguna Shores Resort for more details.

But whatever city or a resort you want to visit in Mexico, certain guidelines and traveler’s tips will definitely come in handy, especially when you are traveling to a dynamic country like Mexico!

First and foremost, the main concern of every tourist is the money/cost factor. Well, dollars, euros etc. are readily accepted in Mexico. Because of the current value of the Mexican peso and other currency conversions, vacations in Mexico are usually cheaper for Americans, Canadians and English travelers.

Most of the shops, restaurants and hotels accept major international credit and debit cards. Travelers can also withdraw money from Mexican ATMs (at a surcharge). It is always advisable to have some local cash handy for smaller purchases.

You have to have a visa or immigration papers to enter a country. Depending on the country of origin, you may or may not need to obtain a Mexican visa. Usually, Canadians, Americans and Swiss do not need visas. But please check in advance. You may not need a visa to enter Mexico, but you will definitely need a passport to enter your own country after your Mexican vacation. Also, there is a “tourist card” that every tourist fills out for security reasons, when entering the country.

However, once you are in Mexico, you are free to roam about anywhere and do what you please. It is a beautiful destination and generally safe as well. Just respect the locals and their traditions and they will do you no harm. Enjoy the weather, warm hospitality, delectable food and Caribbean cocktails.

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