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Why Use an AMPI “Licensed” Real Estate Agent

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Why Use an AMPI “Licensed” Real Estate Agent

By Wayne Corcoran, Public Relations (PR) VP, AMPI Chapter 51, Puerto Peñasco

ReSales Broker, Laguna Shores Resort


Mexico is moving in the right direction, working to raise the real estate standards to protect buyer and seller interests. AMPI (our National Real Estate Association) plays a key role in the real estate industry in Mexico, working closely with local, state and national governments. The State of Sonora created a law requiring real estate professionals to be licenses which is now happening across Mexico.

Our local AMPI Association is leading the country in developing and implementing real estate standards which starts with requiring our members comply with the licensing law.

To become members of our local AMPI Association Real Estate professionals sign our Bylaws that require our members to follow our Ethical Code of Conduct;  to use our contract forms which have been legally vetted to protect buyers and sellers; to participate in and comply with our MLS Rules and Regulation along with using the shared database. Our Bylaws, Code of Ethics, MLS Systems, Contracts and our other systems are constantly improved on through the expertise and experience of our members.

This past year AMPI has taken on the role of providing the 90 hour Diplomado Course, the real estate licensing course, along with the required renewal training. This education helps members stay current on topics including changing Mexican laws that affect real estate transactions. The vision of our local AMPI Association is:

a)       To be the leading organization for real estate professionals in the Puerto Peñasco Region.

b)       Representation of the professionals who provide real estate services and real estate-related services.

c)       Promotion of research and education, as well as the adoption of technological advances, to include the management of a common Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for the benefit of member listings through promotion, as well as creation of reliable statistical data for the purpose of market analysis, among other related uses, using strictly ethical and professional practices.

d)       Worldwide promotion of Puerto Peñasco real estate as a safe destination for foreign investment, as well as for investment by Mexicans, due to the healthy professional practices of our members, and facilitation of  knowledge and understanding of this unique market to consumers and developers.

e)       The work philosophy shall be to develop a shared vision based upon a high level of trust, in order to unify practices under a Code of Ethics, with the objective of preventing any act that may compromise the integrity of the real estate profession.


There is tremendous time and energy spent developing and improving how our members serve clients in Puerto Peñasco so when you deal with one of our members you have the strength of the Association behind you.

Your US Real Estate Agent cannot represent you in a property real estate transaction in Puerto Peñasco but our Association members offer a referral fee to compensate them for connecting you with a local Real Estate professional. In today’s challenging real estate market you need professionals that are licensed, educated and experienced in the Mexico laws and the local market to provide you the service you require.

If you have a trusted US Real Estate agent, ask them to refer you to an AMPI Licensed Real Estate agent; our members can be found on our AMPI website: http://www.puertopenascoampi.com/AMPI_Members/page_2287528.html.



Sonora State law requires Real Estate Agents to be licensed.  AMPI (Association of Mexican Real Estate Professionals) is the sister organization to NAR (National Association of Realtors) in the USA.  Actually AMPI Associates are also able to become NAR Members. Our members are committed to excellence.  We encourage you to visit our association’s website at www.RockyPointAMPI.com and learn more about whom we are and what we have to offer you and call one of us TODAY!

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