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Don’t Miss Another High Tide Weekend at Laguna Shores Resort

Don’t Miss Another High Tide Weekend at Laguna Shores Resort

Don’t Miss Another High Tide Weekend at Laguna Shores Resort

By Lannette Phipps

One thing we all pay attention to around here are the tides. The largest fluctuation in tides is always during a new moon and the full moon. This past weekend (July 11th through the 13th) was one of the highest tides of the year and we sure did enjoy here at Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico.

High tides are always wonderful and definitely the best time to come down if you want to play around in the Sea of Cortez and last weekend was no exception. Last weekend we had what we call an extreme tide – meaning that the tide reaches extreme high’s and low’s during the moon phase – which happened to be a full moon. The highest tide of the weekend was a whopping 18.8 feet with the extreme low being at -2.7 feet. Incredible! Not only does the ocean water lap up against the highest sand dunes, but you can also walk out a long, long way discovering areas that aren’t often exposed. This high tide completely filled the estuary and its winding waterways here at Laguna Shores Resort. It even filled up the back part of the estuary which is located by the road coming into the resort. A truly amazing and beautiful sight to see along with the varying shades of blue between different depths of the ocean and estuary. It’s awesome to watch the power of the ocean as it covers the beaches during high tide and then uncovers it as the tide goes out. It never comes or goes the same way twice.

The full moon is going and the new moon phase will arrive around July 26th, which is also a wonderful time to visit. The tides start getting good around July 22nd so if you want to kayak the estuary or paddleboard or enjoy ocean activities plan your trip around the high tide days. You can find the 2014 tide charts at www.lagunashoresresort.com.


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