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Don’t Skip Your “Coco Helado”

Don’t Skip Your “Coco Helado”

I just read an article in the December 17, 2012 issue of Time Magazine that touts the coconut as the “new super food”. Was it not so long ago our cinema popcorn went from tasting awesome (using coconut oil) to tasting, well, just okay? And when did the pomegranate fall off the list? I used to pluck them by the shirt-full off my neighbor’s tree in California. I loved popping the seeds out, which in turn gave all of my clothes that washed-with-red-look. Thirty years later when they became the new super fruit they were too expensive for me to purchase in the supermarket. Who knew? Well, take this as a pre-warning to load up on cocos helados when you come to Rocky Point, Mexico. There is practically a cart on every other corner serving up the delicious coconut meat with a side of chile. Yet one more reason to visit Rocky Point, Mexico this year.

The magazine article seems to be written to cause hype that we may be running out of coconuts and/or they will become extremely expensive in your local supermarkets. (I’m talking in the U.S. and perhaps other countries.) The coconut water (milk as some call it) seems to be in the most demand with sales in the U.S. and Europe going up 100% over last year to the tune of more than $265 million. Geeze! The water is rich in potassium and is the world’s fastest growing beverage category with its U.S. sales exceeding those of pomegranate juice according to market research firm SPINS. Some of the benefits of the good ole coconut are:

  • Coconut Water (Milk) – rich in potassium
  • Coconut Oil – no longer the unhealthy fatty oil that made our popcorn taste bad – it is now being touted as a good cooking fat and a vegan substitute to butter in some baked goods. Did they not find this out when they did research that claimed it was so bad?
  • Coconut in Cosmetics – coconut can now be found in everything from conditioner to lip balm to anti-aging cosmetics
  • Concentrated Liquid Coconut – the jury is still out on this one, but some companies are touting its benefits in improving cognitive functions. Will we have to add it to our daily vitamin mix?


Research is great. Hysteria is not. Every day it seems as though some food is being bashed for its badness and some is being hyped for its goodness. I remember the avocado and the papaya…what happens when my good ole Jamaica flower juice hits the mainstream and everyone finds out that is has a multitude of health benefits? Luckily I live in a city that doesn’t seem to hear the hype. Avocados, papaya, coconut and Jamaica are all still available on the corner, in open air stands and in supermarket aisles for just a little more than they were 5 years ago. Viva Mexico!

So, next time you’re in Rocky Point make sure you pick up a coconut or two in the store or stop by a local street vendor for some coco helado. It will be a treat for you and it’s good for you too. I imagine the price may go up a peso now and then, but luckily a lot of locals enjoy it as well so I doubt it will become some crazy new over-priced super food here in Rocky Point anytime soon. Mexico is light years ahead of other countries when it comes to some things and thankfully the purity and price of food is one of them.

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