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Get your Passport ID Card to Travel to Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico

Get your Passport ID Card to Travel to Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico

Get your Passport ID Card to Travel to Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico

By Lannette Phipps

If you haven’t driven to Rocky Point, Mexico in awhile you may not be aware that new forms of identification are required to cross back into the U.S. We want you to come down and visit Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico so make sure you have the correct ID.

As of 2009, WHTI (Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative) requires U.S. and Canadian travelers to present their Passport, Passport Card, or Enhanced Drivers License when traveling to Mexico by land or by sea. If you are planning to start your cruise from our new home port you will need one a new ID to do so. As of today, only a few states are offering the EHD (Enhanced Drivers License) and Arizona is not one of them, but you can get your Passport Card, which allows you to freely travel by land or sea when you come to Rocky Point, Mexico. You will need your Passport for air travel.

Laguna Shores Resort is offering Lifetime Vacation Plan ownership programs so you will want to get your Passport Card right away. If you have a current Passport, you are good to go. The Passport Card looks much like a driver’s license (fits in your wallet) and costs $55 USD (if you do not currently hold a valid Passport, $30 if you do). It can be used for entry into the U.S., by land or sea, from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda. The Passport Card is valid for 10 years for adults. U.S. If you are a first time applicant you must apply in person at a Passport Agency, Acceptance Facility, or U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

The savings you will receive by renting a condo at Laguna Shores Resort or purchasing into their Lifetime Vacation Plan will be much more than you pay for your Passport Card. Laguna Shores Resort does not sell timeshares. Their Lifetime Vacation Packages are fractional shares in one of their 1-, 2-, or 3-bedroom condominiums. You own a piece of your own condo! The Vacation Package at Laguna Shores Resort is perfect for busy or professional families, couples or individuals with limited yearly vacation time or those not wanting the expense of a second or third vacation home. Call us today at 1-800-512-1426 and ask how you can visit Laguna Shores Resort today at a greatly discounted price or visit our website at www.lagunashoresresort.com. There are also homes, lots and condos for sale at Laguna Shores Resort as well as custom home building services. Contact Wayne Corcoran for more information at (480) 370-1523.

On Saturday, March 9, from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, U.S. citizens may apply for or renew their passport book or passport card at any one of 25 passport agency centers that are open to the general public. No appointment is necessary on March 9 – normally, U.S. citizens would have to make an appointment at passport agencies.


This article is brought to you by Laguna Shores Resort, a master planned oceanfront community on the Sea of Cortez in Rocky Point, Mexico. Located just off of the Coastal Highway, north of town, Laguna Shores offers real estate for sale: fractional shares, condos, homes, lots, as well as custom home building services. They also offer condos and homes for rent. Laguna Shores Resort is like no other master planned community in Puerto Peñasco, with their many amenities, low-density housing, desal plant, and underground utilities. Come out and take a tour – you will be pleasantly surprised. Ask about their Lifetime Vacation Plan – the smart and economic way to vacation. Visit their website at www.lagunashoresresort.com for photos, maps, videos and a wealth of information about the resort and Rocky Point, Mexico. “Like” them on Facebook to see, and receive in your newsfeed, current vacation rental specials, fractional share ownership and vacation packages contest drawings, as well as new real estate for sale such as beachfront lots and homes and condos for sale. Laguna Shores Resort can be reached from the U.S. by calling toll free 1-800-513-1426.


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