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“Lets go clamming”

“Lets go clamming”

There’s nothing like a bowl of homemade clam chowder made with freshly harvested clams. You can do that at Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort, and here’s how!

Hello all!

September is here, a new month and new opportunities to be happy every day!!

Here at Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort we are lucky to have some of the best natural sceneries and we want you to come enjoy and be part of one of the best and unique resort in Rocky Point.

Have you heard of the term clamming? Sometimes when our clients are visiting for their first time, we are frequently asked what is the best season and weather for clam hunting.

“Clam hunting or digging is a North American term for a common way to harvest clams (edible in faunal bivalve mollusks) from below the surface of the tidal sand flats or mud flats where they live. It is done both recreationally and commercially. Commercial digging in the U.S. and Canada is colloquially referred to as clamming, and is done by a clammer”.[1]

Many travelers visit Rocky Point for it’s beautiful beaches. The area is well known for its extreme tidal movements. The tidal cycle during some New and Full Moons can produce a vertical change in the sea level of up to 24 to 26 feet. This is said to be the second largest vertical tidal change in the world. Such extreme movement in the water level produces enormous tidal flats. This extreme tide change, specially in a bay like at Laguna Shores, provides great opportunities to harvest an abundance of bivalves of the Venus Family, or in simple language “Clams”.

The best season for this activity in Rocky Point is from October until January, cooler weather makes the clams come closer to the edge of the shore.

Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort is the best place to enjoy this activity with your entire family and friends, clam hunting or digging is often done using a straight long-handled spading fork, or a spading shovel. People use different popular method for bay clamming is the use of specialized tongs from a boat.

We invite you and your family to go clam hunting with us from October 7th to October 15th

You can visit us and be part of our contest and festivities on the 15th from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. There will have live music featuring the band “The Summer” with happy hour all day as well as prizes for the clamming contest.  Save the date and join us!

Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort has lots of amenities for you and your family, come and enjoy this beautiful and private paradise.

Be sure to check our social media channels (listed below) and newspaper ads for us dates. Drop us a comment, photo or question to info@lagunashoresresort.com or post comments. For more information about Laguna Shores Resort, or reservations, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-513-1426 ext 1 from the US or Canada or at 638-383-8263 from Mexico.

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