Laguna Shores Resort Shuttle Service will book your Bird Island trip and get you there on time

Laguna Shores Resort Shuttle Service will book your Bird Island trip and get you there on time

By Lannette Phipps

Summer is the absolute perfect time to vacation at Laguna Shores Resort and to visit Bird Island during your stay. The water is warm, the sea lions are playful and it will be the best experience of your life! Your kids, parents, friends, etc. will absolutely love swimming and snorkeling with over 3,000 sea lions in their natural habitat. SeaWorld doesn’t even compare to Rocky Point’s own Bird Island. So, book your vacation today and when you get here you can decide when you want to go to Bird Island and Laguna Shores new shuttle service will get you there on time and pick you up as well.

San Jorge Island, better known as Bird Island is, on average, a two-hour boat ride southeast of Rocky Point. The Sea of Cortez is magnificent and warm this time of year and your boat ride out to the Island is a treat in itself. Bird Island is actually a chain of jagged “snow-capped” mountains. The islands are protected, which basically means humans need to stay off of them as not to disturb the wildlife that live there. But not to worry, the sea lions come to you. Along with sea lions, an array of migratory birds such as boobies, cormorants, red-billed tropicbirds, and brown pelicans also reside on the islands and are the reason the island appear to be “snow-capped”. And below the sea there are a fascinating variety of beautiful fish and interesting marine invertebrates.

Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking or just observing when you reach Bird Island. Swimming or snorkeling among the sea lions in their natural habitat is one of the most amazing experiences for all ages. Sea lions are curious and playful by nature so they zip and zoom all around you. Don’t forget your underwater camera or video camera. Book your trip to Bird Island when you check-in at Laguna Shores Resort and ask about their other tours and activities such as trips to the oyster farms, city tours, ATV rentals and paddleboarding. See you soon.

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