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Mexican Etiquette

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Mexican Etiquette

Common courtesy, basic manners and etiquette go a long way in any relationship – personal or professional. In fact, etiquette and manners go a long way when you are visiting a different nation with different people from various backgrounds. In such a situation, if basic courtesy and manners are followed, a good first impression is made, and communication becomes simple and things get done faster. So, if you are planning to visit Puerto Penasco, Mexico as your next destination for a vacation, are here are some etiquette guidelines to follow.

How about starting with learning the basics of Spanish? It is the national language of Mexico and learning basic Spanish will help you communicate with the locals.

Mexicans are pretty particular when it comes to greeting one another. It is not just a casual wave of the hand or a quick “Hi” from far off. If you are a man, greet another man with a handshake and another woman with a handshake or an air kiss. If you are a woman, a handshake works for both sexes.

Throwing around big tips in USA or Canada may get you faster and better service. But if you are visiting Puerto Penasco, Mexico, remember, respect and courtesy will get you better service.

The locals of Rocky Point or most Mexican towns are pretty conservative. So, if you are away from the beach, you are supposed to dress appropriately and not in swim suits! It’s just a cultural difference.

These are some basic cultural issues that might crop up when you are in Puerto Penasco or any other place in Mexico. Remember them and respect the local traditions and culture. Mexicans are extremely hospitable and warm people in general, and rest assured you will have a fabulous vacation. Spring and summer are the peak seasons, so what are you waiting for? If you need a great villa or condos right on the beach – then book your entire family at Laguna Shores Resort. Visit us at lagunashoresresorts.com to learn more.

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