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The Stingray Shuffle could put Rocky Point, Mexico on the map!

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The Stingray Shuffle could put Rocky Point, Mexico on the map!

“The Stingray Shuffle” is a catchy water-dance routine created right here in Rocky Point, Mexico. Though it is practiced mostly in summertime, one can use it anytime of the year. It only works in the ocean, but pool practice is perfectly acceptable. First you will need to pick a song you like with an easy rhythmic 1-2, 1-2 count or even a 1-2-3 will work or mix it up – your choice. Next, approach the ocean’s edge and sink your feet below the sand an inch or so. Those with good thigh muscle may want to go further. Final step are the hands – ah, do whatever you want with your hands – snap, clap, Jazz hands – entirely up to you, but take a look around because people will be watching. Got the tune…Feet positioned…hands in position…now you are ready for “The Stingray Shuffle”.

Slowly move out into the ocean making your feet match the rhythmic beat in your head. Now shuffle those feet through the silky sand of the Sea of Cortez. Here we go…a 1-shuffle…slight pause…2-shuffle…repeat. Repeat these shuffle steps, or mix them up, and shuffle out into the ocean as far as you want to walk. Get your hips and shoulders into the groove and have some fun with your newfound shuffle steps. Keep those feet under the sand and shuffle away out into the ocean. “The Stingray Shuffle” works for swimmers too – it will guide you safely to deeper waters.

“The Stingray Shuffle” would be a great entry into the Guinness Book of World Records. I bet Rocky Point’s residents and vacationers could get this going and the rest of the world would follow. We might be beat unless we can find a stretch of unobstructed beach that goes for miles and miles and miles. Okay, perhaps just a really cool YouTube video that would go viral. Way cool idea. “The Stingray Shuffle” could put Rocky Point, Mexico on the map. Woohoo! Perhaps Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers or Mark Mulligan can create a snappy tune for “The Stingray Shuffle”? I am just full of excellent ideas today!

“The Stingray Shuffle” BIG idea could be lots of fun, but in reality it is a simple small thing everyone should do when walking through our ocean waters. Why? Stingrays. Stingrays love sandy spots in shallow – or not so shallow water. They like to burrow under the sand just enough to camouflage themselves making you an unsuspecting recipient of their barb or sting. And boy does it hurt. Stingrays are all over the ocean and don’t really bother people when swimming. It’s when you step on their backs that they become not so friendly. Stingrays or Manta Rays come in all sizes in the Sea of Cortez and I don’t think there is any beach area that they don’t love. Nice sandy beaches like Laguna Shores, Playa Encanto, Sandy Beach and Cholla Bay probably have the most Rays. Beaches that don’t have the smooth silky sand are not as likely to have many Rays hanging around, but one can never be too careful. “The Stingray Shuffle” is a proven way to keep you safe on the beach and keep the Rays out of your way. It’s very simple and practical and should be taught to children and practiced by all. Since the Rays burrow in shallow sand, the simple act of shuffling your feet as you stride into the ocean will “scoot” them away. Your feet will be at or below the level where the Ray has burrowed so, by shuffling your feet one in front of the other, you are essentially nudging the stingray telling him to move on. He (or she) gets the hint and simply swims away – no hard feelings. (They are not like the vengeful crabs who come back to attack. Oh yes, it’s true!) The trouble comes when people just jump into the water and walk normally – lifting up the foot and then placing it back down, which is I think how most of us walk. By doing this, instead of shuffling and scooting the stingray away, you are going to step right on its back making it present you with its only defense – the barb. Rays are shaped like a triangle with a long tail and on the end of that long tail is a barb. You step squarely on its back and the tail curls up, much like the dreaded scorpion, and barbs you in the back of the ankle or bottom part of your leg. Not a fun experience. So always remember to shuffle and you and the Rays will be able to share the Sea of Cortez in harmony.

For almost all, the stingray “sting” is not fatal, but it hurts like hell. Most resorts will have first aid help if you do get stung and the Red Cross is well versed in treating stings as well as are all of the doctors and clinics. Different things work for different people, so be sure to get to treatment and watch the swelling and next time…shuffle.

We have a lovely long stretch of beach here at Laguna Shores where I think “The Stingray Shuffle” line dance could be performed. Manny Sanchez would probably record it and post it on YouTube and we can all help it to go viral – what fun! Okay, a dream, but think about it. If you haven’t been to Laguna Shores Resort in awhile you need to come for a visit. Like their Facebook Page for some great deals and check out their website at www.lagunashoresresorts.com. There are rentals here as well so if you’re looking for a nice, peaceful spot on the beach go to their website and book online. See ya at “The Stingray Shuffle” video, Take One!

PHOTO: ZOOBORNS – check there for some great pictures of stingrays and other animals.

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