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Retiree’s can have their Tres Leches and eat it too!

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Retiree’s can have their Tres Leches and eat it too!

For many, the world of retirement can be a blessing or a curse. Some look forward to the daily grind while others can’t wait to be rid of it. Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico believes they have the answer for retirees in both groups: those wanting to stay active; or those just wanting to take a step away from it all and fill their days with as much or as little activity as they desire. They call it “The Laguna Shores Advantage”. Not only is the “Laguna Shores Advantage” about amenities the development offers, but it is also about lifestyle…the lifestyle you create. Laguna Shores residents are so diverse as far as age, employment, family, etc., but the one thing they all have in common is that they love the fact that Laguna Shores is on the Sea of Cortez and it’s, for the most part, low-key. Now mind you, there are busy weekends when the pool is hopping, the ultra-light is flying and the kayaks are splashing, but other than busy weekends, the day to day atmosphere is one of quiet surroundings, beautiful nature, security, friendly neighbors and peacefulness. Your neighbors are close enough to borrow a cup of sugar from, but far enough away so that your privacy is respected. Low-density living is the key at Laguna Shores Resort and they believe there is a fit for everyone: custom homes, condominiums, and resale homes and condos as well as fractional sales.


Laguna Shores Resort offers fractional shares on condominiums, which means retirees do not have to give up their stateside home. In fact, if you keep your home as your primary residence and meet the requirements, you could qualify for a reverse mortgage which would allow you to purchase a fractional unit at Laguna Shores whether it is for 2 weeks out of the year or 24 weeks. When you purchase a fractional ownership you actually own real property. Yes, you own it which means it can be sold or willed to your family. Keeping your primary residence in the U.S. and purchasing a fractional unit at Laguna Shores Resort lets you “have your empanada and eat it too”. (A tres leches is a delicious Mexican cake. I would have titled it just “cake”, but tres leches seems more appropriate for Rocky Point, Mexico!)


Mexico is a great place to retire and Rocky Point is even better because we are only a one-hour drive to the U.S. border. Laguna Shores sits just off the Coastal Highway which can get you to Yuma in about 3 hours and the resort is ten minutes from town – close enough to do your weekly shopping, but far enough away to not suffer the noise from traffic and drive-by cars blowing specials out of the speaker from atop their car not to mention holiday traffic. Here at Laguna Shores we are nestled quite nicely by the Sea of Cortez, a protected estuary, and beautiful desert featuring the Pinacate Biosphere Region.


If you would like to come to Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort and see what our master planned community is all about, please call them at 1-800-513-1426 to schedule a tour.

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