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Must Do’s At Rocky Point

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Must Do’s At Rocky Point

Come to Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point, Mexico, for a weekend full of sun, sea and sand. Rent a villa or an apartment right by the beach at Laguna Shores Resort and have a fun-filled and memorable weekend with all your friends and family. Stay at Laguna Shores Resort Puerto Penasco and enjoy a wide range of recreational activities right from here. Visit us at Laguna Shores Resort to book your stay and explore the area.

Jet Ski

Have you ever zipped across crystal blue waters? If not, this is a perfect place to try jet skiing. There are many rentals all over Rocky Point and most are open all day. Make sure to wear life jackets and have a great time!


The Sea of Cortez has abundant flora and fauna, in vivid colors, shapes and sizes. Grab snorkeling gear and set out into ocean to explore the coral and the colorful life that lies underwater. Tropical waters are usually warm all around the year, so rest assured, you will have a great time!

Scuba Dive

Are you the adventurous type and want to explore the depths of the ocean? Get a scuba certification and become a certified scuba diver. Swim along with the fish and enjoy your time underwater. Many rental shops offer certification courses as well as diving trips.

Banana Boat

Have you ever sat in a boat, gone in the middle of the ocean and just fell into the water for fun? If not, come to Puerto Penasco and come enjoy banana boating with us. You and all your friends can ride in the same boat and bob along in the ocean before you all fall in together. It’s all completely safe and there are several life guards on hand just to be sure.


The surf fishing and the deep sea fishing are both great in the area. You need a permit for deep sea fishing, but shore fishing is safe, does not require a permit and is a lot of fun. The waters of the Sea of Cortez are home to abundant species of fish. Catch your own fish and enjoy delectable sea food for your meal.

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