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Pet safety in Rocky Point, Mexico

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Pet safety in Rocky Point, Mexico

If you are anything like me, you like to travel with your pets.  They are good company, never complain about your driving, never nag (except when hungry), and always ready for a new adventure. Since Rocky Point, Mexico is a drive-to vacation destination on the Sea of Cortez, many people like to bring their pets to enjoy the beach, ocean, and the Sonoran Desert.  We prepare to bring our animals by packing their food, leashes, beds, toys and making sure their vaccinations are up to date, but what we don’t prepare for is losing a pet.

Losing a pet in Rocky Point, Mexico happens more than you think and no matter how well trained your pet is, this town is full of new smells, unexplored spaces, unfamiliar noises and lots of four-legged friends waiting to make their acquaintance. Even if you’ve brought your dog down a hundred times and it is familiar with its surroundings, there is just no guarantee that something unexpected can happen: The fence or door may be left ajar by accident; it gets scared by firework bombs people love to light off day and night; someone sees your dog and wants it to be theirs; or it is lured off by a pack of coyotes or wild dogs.

You are allowed to bring your pets into Mexico, but you are required to have their rabies certificate (current) and a letter from your veterinarian stating that the animal(s) is in good health (dated within the last year). These are things the Mexican officers at the border can ask for, but usually don’t. Not bringing these down may mean a turn-around trip back home and a spoiled vacation so be prepared. Also, most all of the rental companies do not allow visitors to bring pets. Owners of condos or homes rented are allowed to have pets, but renters are not so please check with your rental agency before you make your reservation. If you find yourself in a situation where you have brought your pet with you and it is not allowed in the place you’ve rented, try giving Nancy Phelan a call locally at 383-1012. She is the founder and do-it-all-gal for AACORP here in town. She feeds, medicates and houses abandoned and sick animals and also finds forever or foster homes for the many she cares for. She also does animal sitting and will be able to help you out. A good number to keep on hand is Dr. Javier, who is a vet and owns ChoyChoy’s. He makes house calls and does everything from vaccinations to surgery to stitches to grooming – just as any other vet does and he is excellent. In his shop he carries dog and cat food and supplies. He can be reached at 383-2338.

If you plan to bring your animal with you to Rocky Point, Mexico there are a few things you can do to prevent your animal from getting lost:

  • Make sure your pet is collared and the tag is current. You can even call Nancy and email her a photo of your animal and details and put her local number on the tag (unless you have one that is answered year round).
  • Do not let your pet out of your sight and always keep it on a leash.
  • Do not tie it to your trailer or tree in your yard while you go out to eat or shop.
  • Have your pet tattooed if you come often since a collar can be removed.
  • Do not leave your pet in your vehicle – even while you run into the store.
  • Always carry a current photo of your pet with the copies of its rabies and health papers.

In the event your pet is lost in Rocky Point, Mexico the best thing you can do is start searching. Get in touch with Nancy to let her know you have lost your pet – she has eyes all over the city. Phone the Rocky Point Times Office at 383-6325 and let them know as well. Many people who find lost dogs either call the newspaper or Nancy. Go to one of the paper store – El Libro or Estudiante – and make flyers to pass out to water trucks, taxi cabs and businesses and homes near where the animal was last seen. It’s best to offer a reward, but don’t specify how much. We do have a local pound that you can check and Nancy can help you with that as well. Of course the best prevention is to leave your pet at home, but follow the steps above and there is a good chance you will be returning home with your pet.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not okay to bring your dog into an establishment where food is being served. We do have a health department and health regulations that must be followed. You can always call the bar or restaurant ahead of time to see what their pet policy is. The same goes for hotels. There are some pet friendly hotels and rentals and they are listed in each edition of the Rocky Point Times Newspaper.

Here at Laguna Shores, where I live, we have two Great Danes and one Shih-Tzu. We are allowed these pets because we are owners, not renters. Our dogs have an absolute blast on the long stretch of beach and love to go exploring with me out to shell isle or over to barnacle isle – they even go on the El Golfo Run with me. If you are looking to buy a home or condo in a community that you will love and that your pet will also love then I highly recommend Laguna Shores Resort. Visit their website at www.lagunashoresresales.com to see what’s available – you can even build your own custom home or have Laguna Shores build it for you.


  • December 18, 2019

    Kate Emery

    Thank you very much for taking your time to better inform those who can’t imagine leaving the kid behind. I’m so glad to have info re Nancy. Used to go down couple times each month but that was 30? Yrs. ago. Trying to find Xmas rental w/2 dogs. One of whom is former Penasco beach stray. Yikes, times have changed. Not so pet friendly anymore. Again, your efforts are much appreciated! All the best to you & your 3 fur kids!! Kate

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