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Petroglyphs at Caborca Sonora

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Petroglyphs at Caborca Sonora

Puerto Penasco is all about sun, sea and sand. Spend a heavenly week at Puerto Penasco, Mexico and you can also soak up the Mexican culture and heritage to the fullest. Rent an exotic villa right on the beach at Laguna Shores Resort and you and your family will enjoy a wonderful getaway. In fact, there are also quite a few tourist attractions and day excursions around Puerto Penasco. So if the travel bug has caught you, you should head to this part of Mexico.

Just 200 kilometers away Puerto Penasco is Caborca Sonora – a major tourist attraction. It lies nestled against beautiful mountain in the midst of the huge Sonoran Desert. This area is abundant in natural beauty and is aptly called the “Pearl of the Desert”. Churches and old historical ruins are famous of this region. Don’t forget to visit the local markets for some souvenir shopping. And, of course, the pristine beaches of the region are the major attraction. But another one of the major tourist attractions of the region is the petroglyphs of the Caborca. These are huge stone drawings etched by the early inhabitants of the region many centuries ago. Around 600 BC to nearly 1400 AD the Caborca Sonora area was inhabited mainly by the Mogollon people. Other minorities included the Azasazis and the Hohokam communities.

It is believed that the Mogollan people etched the stones to create the petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are rock carvings or paintings done by hammering or pecking on the stone to form beautiful shapes, designs, and structures. They depict the life stories, culture and history of the people living in that area. They are beautiful ornaments which tell us a whole story of an era gone by and thus are of great historical importance.

Many sites in Caborca have petroglyphs but if you want to see the largest specimens then visiting the private Rancho Puerto Blanco is advisable. It is in this area that the highest number of petroglyphs are located. Come to Puerto Penasco and visit Caborca Sonora to see some fascinating ancient history for yourself.

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