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Retiring at Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico

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Retiring at Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico

There are many concerns one has when approaching retirement age: housing, money, medical care, quality of life, safety. And these are just some of the things one has to take into consideration when deciding to retire. Lots of Americans and Canadians opt to retire in Mexico as housing and cost of living are far less, but there are others who are skeptical because, after all, Mexico is a foreign country. There are many factors that make Laguna Shores Resort in Rocky Point, Mexico the idea spot to retire. One concern I believe many have about retiring is staying busy day after day. Sure, it’s a great feeling not to have to go to work day after day, but that wears off after awhile and then you may find yourself bored. Here at Laguna Shores Resort we have so many amenities and activities that it will take you a very long time to get bored. When and if you do then there are always sights to see close-by or just a short drive away. And there are many clubs and organizations to be involved with in Puerto Peñasco. You could spend every day busy as a bee if you wish, but I imagine you want to find a balance between being occupied and having peace and quiet.

Laguna Shores Resort is an Oceanfront Master Planned Community that covers 6,000 square meters and features low density housing with low-rise condominiums and houses along the waterfront and further back from the beach. Pricing on lots and home construction are at an all time low and Laguna Shores is offering bonuses to build within 6-months. They also have great prices on 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom condominiums that overlook the estuary and ocean or sit back off the ocean. And there are homes for sell as well. Real estate prices are on the rise in Rocky Point, Mexico as the town is flourishing and visitors are starting to return in numbers we haven’t seen for three years. So, if you are considering retiring in Mexico, please come and take a look at Laguna Shores Resort. There are special rates for first-time visitors on their Facebook Page and on their website at www.lagunashoresresorts.com.

Laguna Shores Resort is safe, clean and pretty with street lamps, paver stone streets and underground utilities – no unsightly poles everywhere. We have excellent security guards at the front arches and who patrol the neighborhoods 24/7. I have, on many occasions, left my garage door open by accident and often leave my front door unlocked as well. Safety is definitely not an issue here at Laguna Shores and the security guards are always willing to help in an emergency situation or just to help unload sheet rock from your vehicle. The Resort has many amenities to keep you busy and help you discover the surrounding areas such as kayaks to explore the Sea of Cortez and the beautiful estuary that winds back behind the Resort. You can take a bicycle and head down the beach or around the resort or down the Coastal Highway and check out the scenery. The 5,000 sq. ft. Trophy Pool is just one of two pools at Laguna Shores and is absolutely fantastic. Palapas and chaise lounges surround the pool and on the beach you will find more palapas, chairs, tables and cabana beds. The Resort has a palapa pool bar and a restaurant with pool side service as well as a gym, game room, tennis court, basketball court, beach volleyball, miniature golf, cigar and rum bar, and a spa that offers massage, pedicures and manicures. Not to mention the book and movie lending library. You will have a hard time being bored when you decide to retire at Laguna Shores Resort.

Besides the housing, the cost of living is far less in Rocky Point, Mexico than it is in the U.S. Food, including meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables cost far less than they do in the U.S. as do other items. Restaurants offer fantastic food at a fraction of the cost though we do have some higher priced restaurants and if you enjoy Happy Hour, there are a number of places where you can find a beer for a couple bucks. Depending on your usage, utilities can be less expensive as well and you won’t have to purchase clothing since the sun shines 364 days a year here.

Medical care and insurance is a very big concern for retirees as it should be. Many are covered by Medicare, which is not valid in Mexico and only covers a few emergency situations, but did you know you can get a Mexican Social Security health care plan for approx. $250 USD a year? The process is fairly simple and you are assigned an English speaking doctor. Mexico has excellent hospitals and teaching hospitals such as the one in Hermosillo, Mexico. Plus, you are only 1-hour away from the border and 4 hours away from Tucson or Phoenix so you can still use Medicare or your Veteran’s Insurance. Many use their Medicare at the Clinic in Ajo, which is now staffed with 5 doctors who can refer you to any specialist you need.

Though Rocky Point is an expanding city, it is still a very close-knit community with caring people willing to help you at the drop of a dime. You will meet many friends from all over and there is nothing better than waking up near the ocean every day for the rest of your life. Laguna Shores is also a great little community of caring people so don’t waste any more time – come check us out and see if Laguna Shores is a place you’d like to retire. Book your reservation online or call 1-800-513-1426.

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