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Rocky Point Tides

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Rocky Point Tides

Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco, Mexico, is known for many things – gorgeous views, beautiful beaches, a plethora of water sports, delectable cuisine and so forth. But what many people do not know is the fact that it has one of the most remarkable tides in the Sea of Cortez. The Upper Gulf of California has one of the highest and most extreme tides in the world that rise and fall twice a day. Tides, mainly on full moon nights, can climb up to an amazing 27 feet! Locals and tourists alike throng Rocky Point beaches just to see this unnatural yet magnificent sight. Just rent a condo or a custom homes at Laguna Shores Resort and watch this breathtaking view right from your balcony.

Depending on the beach you are on and the slope of the terrain, the tide height can vary and the water level on the shore varies accordingly. The upper Gulf of California (region of Puerto Penasco) is narrow and shallow. This means that when the Rocky Point tides enter here, they automatically get pushed up and starts whirling around in a vortex. This creates the extreme tides. Another important factor contributing to the tide height is the gravitational force of the sun and the moon. Thus every two weeks, during full and new moon days, the tide heights are the maximum and are known as the “spring tides”. The type of tide usually determines the strength of the current. The higher the tide, the stronger the current. Furthermore, the tides and the currents ultimately dictate the type of flora and fauna that thrive in the area.

So, whether you are a fisherman, a local or a vacationer, it is essential that you are aware of the tides and refer to the tide charts. It is imperative for your safety. We at Laguna Shores Resort, provide you with a detailed description of the type of tides on each beach along with their timing and duration. It is highly advisable to keep a copy of this information with you at all times. Watching 27 feet high tides is one of those rare moments in life where nature renders you speechless. So make your reservations at Laguna Shores today. Visit us at Laguna Shores Resort to learn more about renting or buying custom homes and condos.

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