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The Laguna Shores Resort Advantage is Clear

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The Laguna Shores Resort Advantage is Clear

IMG_2476Rocky Point, Mexico has many wonderful developments, condominiums and master planned communities, but none are better or offer more amenities to owners than Laguna Shores Resort. Here are just a few examples of what makes Laguna Shores the perfect place to own property and live:

1. Attentive and courteous security: Not only is security present within the development 24/7, but all visitors check in at the front arches and are escorted to their destination. This can annoy some, but if you live at Laguna Shores you appreciate the fact that strangers are not freely wandering around. Security also patrols the beaches numerous times a day and throughout the night so there are no unwelcome visitors. They also check the perimeter of each and every house. This attention to detail – to the security and safety of owners and renters – makes Laguna Shores Resort an extremely safe place to live.

2. First Impressions: Paver stone streets, street lamps and underground utilities are the first things you notice as you enter the resort. There is nothing more terrible than unsightly utility poles with wires hanging or crossing every which way. The paver stone streets and street lamps give Laguna Shores that small community feel and cuts down on speeding traffic and, of course, no dirt roads through the development.

3. De-Sal Plant: Laguna Shores has their own plant to produce and pump water to each and every house. The plant is reliable, well maintained and owners do not have to worry about city water main breaks or low pressure when the town fills up on busy weekends. There is a constant supply of water day and night.

4. Low-Density Housing: A mixture of condominiums and homes make up Laguna Shores Resort. Generous lot sizes and horseshoe cul-de-sac design give home owners privacy and plenty of space around them. Your neighbors are not forced upon you and the design lends a quiet and peaceful quality. One can sit on their patio and actually hear the birds in the estuary and on the ocean.

5. Location, Location, Location: Located north of town, Laguna Shores Resort offers plenty of distance from the din of the city, but not so much that it makes it a bother to go shopping or sightseeing in Rocky Point. Laguna Shores is right on the Sea of Cortez and also has a protected and pristine estuary to the north, a view of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve to the east; and to the south Black Mountain and a peaceful stretch of beach where many treasures can be found.

6. Amenities: Not only are the areas surrounding Laguna Shores aa treasure trove of activity and discovery, but the resort also provides some tools to make beach living fun such as kayaks, bicycles, tennis and basketball courts, miniature golf, a 5,000 sq. ft. trophy pool, gym, spa, restaurant, cigar and rum bar, as well as many other amenities

These are just a few of the things that make Laguna Shores Resort the perfect place to live. Come out for a visit and take a look for yourself. Laguna Shores definitely fits every lifestyle and age group from young active adults and families retirees. Laguna Shores has so much more to offer you and your family than any other master-planned community in Puerto Peñasco. Once you spend some time here you will see the clear advantage of owning at Laguna Shores Resort. Visit our website at www.lagunashoresresorts.com for rentals, resort information and amenities, photo gallery and lots of other great stuff about Laguna Shores Resort. Like them on Facebook and receive notification about weekly rental specials and real estate for sale.

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