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Safety and Security are Foremost at Laguna Shores Resort

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Safety and Security are Foremost at Laguna Shores Resort

Let’s face it, many of you are concerned about security and safety when you come to Mexico. And, if you own a vacation home or condo you want everything to be just as you left it when you return the next time. At Laguna Shores Resort your safety and security are their number one priorities with around the clock security and safety measures making it the safest master planned community in Rocky Point, Mexico.

Laguna Shores Resort, located just off the Coastal Highway has a unique advantage when it comes to safety being that it is virtually inaccessible from three sides. 1) Laguna Shores Resort faces the Sea of Cortez and has a large stretch of beach that is patrolled night and day by their security team. 2) To the right of Laguna Shores you will find a large winding estuary that is not accessible by vehicles. 3) On the left hand side of the resort there is a fence and beyond that there are unfinished developments that are gated and walled making it inaccessible to vehicles as well as foot traffic. 4) And lastly, the back side of the resort faces the Coastal Highway and has a security entrance gate that is manned 24/7 and where all visitors are tagged and escorted to their destination within the property.

On top of all of the natural barriers, the security team at Laguna Shores Resort is top-notch and patrols the grounds 24/7. Vacation houses are checked nightly with the security guards making sure that all doors and windows are locked and that nothing is disturbed: A real comfort to those who only visit a few times per year. Since Laguna Shores Resort’s housing is low-density, the security guards can easily spot trespassers and dedicate more time per each household.

If you are looking for a beautiful place to live and/or vacation you need look no farther than Laguna Shores Resort. It is the only master planned oceanfront community within Puerto Peñasco that features a 5,000+ sq. ft. Trophy Pool, exercise gym, spa services, on-site restaurant, miniature golf, volleyball, tennis and basketball as well as numerous other amenities such as kayaks and a game room.

If you are interested in learning more about Laguna Shores Resort whether it be building a custom home, purchasing a home or condo, or their fractional program, visit their website at www.lagunashoresresort.com and you can also find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lagunashoresresort. Check those two locations for special rental rates for first time visitors. Or you can also call their office 7 days a week, toll free from the U.S., at 1-800-513-1426. If you are already in Rocky Point, come out to the Resort located just off of the Coastal Highway, and let them show you around.

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