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The Pinacate Biosphere Reserve…If you haven’t been…you really ought to go.

The Pinacate Biosphere Reserve…If you haven’t been…you really ought to go.

The Pinacate Biosphere Reserve…If you haven’t been…you really ought to go.

By Lannette Phipps

If you are staying at Laguna Shores Resort then you are in luck because they have a new shuttle service that will take you to, and show you around, the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve. You and your friends and family will love the volcanic craters and the beautiful scenery. Did you know that U.S. Astronauts trained in the area for a moon landing mission? Pretty cool, huh?

Your tour will begin at the Visitor’s Center and move along to one of the world’s largest volcanic craters as well as a red crater and beautiful scenery. Ride in comfort and air conditioning and soak up this information before heading out. To book your tour to the Pinacates simply sign up at the Front Desk/Reception area once you arrive or during your stay at Laguna Shores Resort or call them at 1-800-513-1426, ext. 2 and they will be happy to save a slot for you.


A jumble of lava rock, volcanoes and cinder cones may seem like a harsh environment for animals to live, let alone humans, but when compared to the waterless plain surrounding it, this area becomes a haven. Archeological artifacts in the area confirm that the area offered game animals, trees, and a variety of food, caves for shelter and the most important agua dulce (sweet water). This fact remains true today. The earliest inhabitants were a large southwest group of hunters and gatherers noted to first occupy the area more than 50,000 years ago. Various dating techniques were used to determine this date: measuring desert varnish; calculating caliche build-up; correlating desert pavement formation with climatic periods; and dating shell artifacts. The area was abandoned when the climate changed and a major drought, lasting thousands of years, came to the area. When the rains returned new generations of inhabitants returned to the area, but were eventually forced out when a second severe drought began. When the second drought ended, over 5,000 years ago, the Armargosa’s, ancestors of the Pima and Tohono O’odham Indians, made this area their home for the next 4,900 years. The volcanoes may have been active as few as 2,000 years ago and plumes of smoke have been recorded in the last five years. Lava rock can be seen all around Puerto Peñasco. It’s a truly fascinating area so make time to visit the Pinacates on your next visit to Laguna Shores Resort and let their Shuttle Service take you there! Inquire at the front desk for rates and to book your trip.

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