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Do You Want to Buy Property in Puerto Penasco?

Do You Want to Buy Property in Puerto Penasco?

Buying property almost anywhere in the world today is not an easy task, and lots of restrictions are imposed by the government in most cases. In fact, if a person wants to buy land or a house in a foreign country, the rules are typically even more stringent.

Luckily, foreigners can now buy land or homes within restricted areas in Puerto Penasco. Individuals of any nationality can buy a condo right on the ocean through a bank trust. The bank acts as a trustee working on behalf of you and you are the beneficiary. As a buyer, you get a title contract, and a well written contract will offer you complete legal protection. A bank trust is a great way to spell out partnerships, co ownerships, inheritance etc. All this without the hassles of taxes! Follow the link and read more at Laguna Shores.

Worried about the renter protection act? Mexico now has special laws to protect renters. These issues can be addressed properly in the bank trust and then actions to resolve any rent-related issues can become quick and efficient. Do you have a private loan or a mortgage? A bank trust can take care of that too. This is called a warranty bank trust and can be used to spell out the associated conditions and limitations including foreclosure rules and regulations. Title insurance can be purchased for your condo, lot or home. This will protect you against any eventuality. A notary is a special legal position appointed by the Mexican government and are involved in all real estate transactions in Mexico. Records are checked by the Notario, errors are corrected and then the document is issued along with the notary’s stamp.

There are rules and regulations and certain procedures that you need to follow but after owning a condo here, but the effort will be more than worth it. And we are here to help you at all times.

Laguna Shores is a truly serene and peaceful location. Natural beauty at its best and people from all over the world come to visit the shores of the Sea of Cortez. Make your dream a reality and explore the opportunities with Laguna Shores to own your own dream house right by the ocean! Visit us at Laguna Shores for more details.

Buying property in Mexico through a bank trust is simple and easy and offers you the same or more legal protections as actual ownership.

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