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The Tides of March at Laguna Shores Resort

The Tides of March at Laguna Shores Resort

The Tides of March at Laguna Shores Resort

by Lannette Phipps

You may or may not know that Rocky Point, Mexico has one of the highest tide fluctuations in the world. Yes, in the world: It is so drastic that during extreme low tide tides the water never reaches the shore of some resorts and beach communities. This, instead of being a negative, is a positive for people who vacation or live at Laguna Shores Resort. Why? Because when the tide goes out, and stays out for hours and hours, new places to explore pop up. New and interesting shells and oddities and miles and miles of places to walk. Here at the resort we are lucky enough to have a pristine (and protected) estuary that abuts the north side of the development. The estuary waterway winds in and around for miles back each finger leading you to a different area. In fact I love walking over there every other week or so to see how much the water can change things. The tide is a very powerful force.

So, if you are planning on coming to Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort you should plan your trip either during the high tide or the low tide. We also have a flat tide which leaves the beach untouched usually for days at a time. Vacationing in Rocky Point most definitely revolves around the ocean, but the resort has so many other activities and amenities you won’t even notice the absence of the sea. And it doesn’t disappear – it just stays out there – and on these gorgeous days we’ve been having it is a wonderful walk to reach the ocean’s edge.

The first thing you should do is grab a tide chart or look on the Laguna Shores website at www.lagunashoresresorts.com for the complete year of tide charts. Or you can pick up a Rocky Point Times Newspaper for the current month. The highest tides are during a full moon and a new moon. During those two phases of the moon we have very high and low tide fluctuations for at least 7 days and during every month and moon phase the tide usually comes in and out twice a day. The deadest tides are during the half moon phase or in-between the full and new moon. That is not to say that all of this time between the two moon phases is dead and you will never see the water: some days it still comes in close to shore.

March Tides at a Glance: The first part of the month we are having excellent high tides and with the storm that came through yesterday it brought some winds that made the water come over the natural sand dunes. Excellent for cleansing the beach, but not so great for shelling. As we move into the 5th of March through about the 13th the tide goes from flat to super flat then starts to come back as the full moon is on the 16th. Great high tides that entire week until it begins to level out around the 21st. During the half moon phases the tide is pretty flat this month but look for super high tides on the 29th, 30th and 31st of the month.

So take a look at the tide chart and plan your vacation at Laguna Shores according to what you want to do. If you plan to kayak and swim then you will want to come when the tide is higher. If you are up for lounging by the pool and beachcoming then you might want to come when the tide is lower. Knowing what to expect as far as tides go can really add to your vacation experience.

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