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TOTOABA – An Endangered Species

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TOTOABA – An Endangered Species

One of the greatest attractions of any beach destination is all of the fish and beach animals to be found. Of course, if fishing is allowed, that’s the icing on the cake. Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco is full of colorful and vibrant sea life and tourists can actually see some rare and endangered species like Totoaba, Vaquitas, blue whales and so forth. So rent a condo on the beach at Laguna Shores Resort and have a fantastic family vacation. Do what your heart pleases – snorkel, dive, fishing, read a book by the beach or even jet ski, parasail if you are looking for adventure.

If you are fishing, you need to be careful and also be aware of rules about catching certain endangered and rare species. One such endangered species is the Totoaba fish. Fishing for this variety is illegal in the Sea of Cortez. Totoaba is similar to sea bass, but is bigger (sometimes as tall as six feet and nearly 300 pounds in weight), and therefore it takes longer for Totoaba to grow, reproduce and mature. They are actually not a very rare sight if you are in the northern region of the Sea of Cortez. This particular fish has always been very popular amongst fishermen and this has led to over fishing and now we are facing endangerment and depletion of the Totoaba.

The government has put a ban on fishing of Totoaba. Thus, catching of this species has significantly decreased. The government has also taken some steps to ensure that they have a protected environment in which to reproduce and grow in number. Therefore, after many years of measured steps, the number of Totoabas is steadily growing and fishermen have started hoping that one day the ban on fishing for Totoaba will be lifted.

Until then, if tourists want to catch a glimpse of this species in their natural habitat. many cruises and boat trips can be arranged which will take you into the right areas.

You can enjoy all these activities at Laguna Shores Resort. Visit us at Laguna Shores Resort to book your stay.

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