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Traveling to Rocky Point, Mexico is easy and safe

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Traveling to Rocky Point, Mexico is easy and safe

If you are planning on traveling to Rocky Point from Tucson, Phoenix or Southern California, you are in for a smooth ride. Now that monsoon season is over you will have a much safer and smoother drive to Peñasco. The Coastal Highway shaves hours off of drive time for our Southern California visitors and now that monsoon season is over, visitors from the Tucson and Phoenix area will have a safer drive. If you came down during August or September you no doubt were caught in a traffic jam following the detour through Sonoyta while the bridge is being repaired. On a few occasions they got so much rain that the detour had to be closed forcing visitors to wait or return to the U.S. to find a motel or head home. The City of Sonoyta has fixed this by opening 2-lanes of the 4-lane bridge that goes over the Rio Sonoyta, which is the way most of you take to get to Rocky Point. You can still use the detour or “back-way” route as us locals call it, but watch out for potholes and other road damage the water has caused.

I know many of you are worried about driving to Rocky Point, Mexico, but it is completely safe and there is no reason for worry. The highway is in great shape and is patrolled by State Police and the Green Angels who help stranded drivers with mechanical problems. Rocky Point is seeing a tremendous increase in tourist traffic so you will not be alone on the highway no matter what day or time of day you travel. I always recommend driving in the daylight hours because there is more traffic – meaning more people to help if your car breaks down – and you can see the roadway better – easier to spot free range cattle, goats and horses and slow moving vehicles. Plus it’s a lot easier to pass when you can see way ahead of you. There are checkpoints on both the U.S. and Mexico sides now so that causes some delay, but it makes for a safer environment for everyone. Just be patient and allow a little extra time to be questioned at the border and as you enter Rocky Point.

No doubt you or someone you know is afraid to come to Rocky Point because of crime reported in the media. We have had a few incidents that involved rival drug gangs and while I do not want to discount these incidents I do want to say that they are not pointed at the tourist. True they are horrifying, but please keep in mind that every city has their share of violence – even the one you live in. And while Rocky Point has been very fortunate not to be caught up in the drug gang violence so rampant across the country, it does occasionally creep into our town. If we boycotted every city that saw violence, we would all have to stay home so don’t let a few ugly incidents spoil your plans for vacation. Use your common sense, keep your eyes open and enjoy Rocky Point just as you always have in the past. If you find yourself in need of assistance, you can call or stop by the Rocky Point Tourism and Visitor’s Assistance Office on Blvd. Fremont. Give them a call if you need help 388-6624 or cellular (638) 112-0134. They can help you if you have been in an accident or pulled over or if you just need some answers. If you ever hear a rumor, please ask a knowledgeable person if it is true or not. With Facebook this is now easier as you can go onto many businesses’ pages and post a question. Laguna Shores Resort and The Rocky Point Times Newspaper are two great sites to get your questions answered truthfully. Please do not believe everything you hear about Rocky Point, Mexico.

October is the perfect month for visiting Rocky Point – the weather is absolutely fantastic and the month is packed with events. Rocky Point is getting more and more traffic which means you are going to have to book your vacations earlier so plan spending your time at Laguna Shores Resort. They are a master planned oceanfront community spanning over 600-acres and they have tons of amenities like kayaks, two pools, a restaurant, wireless internet, miniature golf, tennis courts, billiards, a game room, gym, spa and so much more. Book your condo or home online at www.lagunashoresresort.com or call 1-800-513-1423. Check out their “Relaxation Vacation Package” special – up to 80% off regular price. Hurry because you must purchase the package specials by October 15th.

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