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Whale Watching in Rocky Point

Whale Watching in Rocky Point


¡Hola Amigos!

The wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays have come and gone, today we have a new year full of purposes and goals that we all hope to fulfill.

Laguna Shores Resort looks forward to the beginning of a new year in which you, our valued clients can come and enjoy our facilities and all that Puerto Peñasco has to offer.

January is a very important month in Puerto Peñasco. We have a very special guest – well, not just one but hundreds. Puerto Peñasco is located on the migratory route of the gray whale, an aquatic mammal that measures between 12 and 16 meters long and can weigh between 20 and 35 tons. 

The gray whale maintains a body temperature like that of the human being that is between 36 and 37ºC. During the summer the gray whale feeds at the bottom of the Arctic and Bering seas before traveling.

“The Wanderer Whale” is how the gray whale is referred to by some as it does some of the longest migrations every year to be able to reproduce: 16,000 kilometers is what the gray whale travels every year to get to Baja California; 6 months of travel or 183 days at a speed of 7 kilometers per hour.

We all know that we have the gray whale visit each year, but some of us do not know why they make their “strategic stop” in the Sea of Cortes. Our warm waters represent a “natural refuge”. We landlubbers get to observe them frolicking with their babies and each other. The Sea of Cortez also has some of the calmest waters which the gray whale prefers to give birth at a depth of up to 15 meters. The Sea of Cortez provides a wonderful haven for the birthing mother after nearly 13 months of gestation.

Thanks our nature-loving tourism, “Whale Watching” has become very popular in Puerto Peñasco. Tourists get to enjoy some of the best shows nature has to offer. Being able to take photographs and video of these majestic creatures gives you long lasting and beautiful memories, photographs and video.

You are still in time to book and Laguna Shores Resort is glad to help you. Come on down! Do not miss your opportunity to

#livetheexperience. Real life is so much better than animals in captivity!

Remember that the months with more sightings are January and February; the season ends in March and the sightings of the gray whale become very sporadic.

Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort has wonderful amenities for you and your family, come and enjoy this beautiful and private paradise Puerto Peñasco Sonora Mexico offers to you.

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