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When Summer rears its ugly humid head it’s Nicolas Armendariz and Oceanside A/c who come running

When Summer rears its ugly humid head it’s Nicolas Armendariz and Oceanside A/c who come running

When Summer rears its ugly humid head it’s Nicolas Armendariz and Oceanside A/C who come running

By Lannette Phipps

Summer comes but once a year albeit all year. To be completely truthful there are a few months when we need to pull out a pair of sweats and windbreakers (or hoodies as you may know them). I, myself, am more of the “Lizard Princess” who needs my Uggs, thermal undies, and a down jacket at well. Yes, most of the blood has left my body I fear. And then there are the super miserable summer months known to residents as August and September and known to all visitors as “vacation in Rocky Point”. Though both lots get to kick back, drink a cool one, swim in the ocean, or take a boat ride for the day, the latter do not have to try to dress for work when they are dripping sweat. Ever try to pull on a pair of pantyhose in August or September? Me neither. You’re tan so why bother. Okay, well then try getting into a pair of skinny jeans – there! – that works for both guys and gals. I used to consider May and October to be the perfect months in Rocky Point, Mexico: perfect weather; beautiful nights; lots of parties and fun stuff to do; the beginning and ending of summer. Whether it’s global warming or I’m just getting older, May and October are no longer my perfect months. My perfect month in Rocky Point is now defined as one where I am neither too cold nor too hot and the wind isn’t whipping sand into my house at a rate of a gallon per hour.

So, having lived in Peñasco for something like 17 years now you would think that I would do things well in advance since I know the heat and/or winter is coming. The central heat needs to be checked, cleaned, maintained, etc. well before I go from the sandal-to-slipper-to-Ugg migration. And the space heaters need to be checked and the propane tanks filled (yes, we light this house on fire when I’m cold). That’s what Wayne gets for building a house of all tile and windows and 11 ft. ceilings – a very cold Lannette (and Breezy, our Great Dane). Needless to say the same holds true with the air conditioning – vehicle air needs to be blown out and checked, the mini-splits in the home office and bedroom need to be checked, cleaned, maintained, etc., as does the central air in the event we invite anyone over and need to use the main part of the house. So why is it most of us wait until we can no longer stand carrying a paper towel around patting our head and drying our sweat-stache every few minutes? Because we think it’s going to pass.  We always think it’s going to pass., “Ah, it’s only a wave – it’ll cool down yet it’s only May”! I believed those optimistic persons until this year. It wasn’t a wave. It didn’t cool down. AND MAY SKIPPED US DAMNIT! I don’t care what my Dad and Cousins say about it being hot as Haiti in Phoenix and our weather is great! Well, I do care because I know it has to be miserable up there amongst all that concrete and asphalt and non-stop vehicle traffic while here the ocean is but a few steps from the patio.

What all this is getting to is that I would like to introduce you to Nicolas Armendariz owner of Oceanside AC. We have used him for years now and he has come to our rescue out at Laguna Shores Resort time and time again never making us wait more than a day or two. No, we still have not learned our lesson to check things in advance – preventative maintenance smart people call it. Hey, they worked last year! Nicolas has gone way above and beyond helping us troubleshoot problems with one of our mini-split A/C’s. First problem being that the contractors never wired it to any electricity. Hmm, no wonder it would never turn on. But, hey, the remote works. Actually I think it was Wayne who first discovered the problem and called in Nicolas to help. He spent many hours at the house wiring, testing, fixing, re-testing and so on until it was working perfectly and not dripping down the bedroom wall shorting out the electrical socket. That was a few years ago. This year I actually did turn on the mini-split in May to check it. Sand had been blowing into the house for days and I was sick and tired of being shut in with no air. So I found out that though the air blows, it didn’t blow cold. Nicolas to the rescue. He was so busy with other A/C repair jobs that it took him one or two days to get out here to Laguna Shores. He was in the middle of fixing a bazillion A/C units at a large resort and left his worker there to continue while he came to our house to recharge the mini-split and seal it once and for all so that it will forever blow cold air. He was too busy to check our central A/C, but promised to return after his big job was done. One of the great things about Nicolas – besides that he fixes air conditioning – is that he is on time and calls when he is running late. His English is excellent and his Spanish even better (ha-ha). His rates are extremely reasonable (cheap even) and he does great work. We have recommended him to many friends and now I am letting the world know about him. But hopefully he won’t forget us…you can be sure I will call him super early next year! Nicolas can be reached locally on his cell at (638) 110-1301 or if you want to call from the U.S. and have him meet you at your condo or home call (602) 288-8380 or (602) 903-2667. His website is www.oceansideac.com and he will keep you cool this summer.

In addition to cooling and heating, Oceanside A/C also does plumbing repairs, electrical and appliance repair. Their website is very user friendly and the rates and explanations are clear. They offer a wide variety of repair services – everything from garbage disposals to programmable thermostats. Leaky faucets, circuit breaker problems, RO, hot water heaters, toilets, water lines, appliance install, as well as repairing all major appliances and microwaves. Plus they have very affordable yearly maintenance plans

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