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0 to Town in 15 min

0 to Town in 15 min

Probably the number one concern we hear from friends and Wayne hears from clients is how far Laguna Shores Resort is located from town. Located just off the Coastal Highway, Laguna Shores master planned community may seem farther from town, it takes but a minute or two longer to get to the same place in town from the condos on Sandy Beach. Of course a lot depends on vehicle traffic, foot traffic and whether or not it is a holiday weekend.

It’s hard to convince people that Laguna Shores is not that far out of the way because they usually come the “long” way or take a leisurely drive to get here. I love the fact that it takes me 15 minutes to get to Sam’s, Bodega or Santa Fe for my grocery shopping and I hardly hit any traffic since those stores are located at the north end of town. Not only am I 15 minutes away from shopping, but I am also 15 minutes away from Gloria’s Beauty Salon. I don’t wear a watch and don’t usually calculate my time, but I was getting a new set of acrylic nails and wanted to see how fast Chris (Gloria’s daughter) could do them. I love a good looking set of nails, but I will take a set that needs some work at home to a spectacular set if it will shave an hour or two off my time. So, all of this is leading up to the fact that I timed myself (and Chris) and I was 1½ hours door to door – in and out – home, new nails and back to Laguna Shores. Believe it or not it was en punto – on the button. It took Chris exactly 1 hour to do my nails and took me 15 minutes to drive to Gloria’s and 15 minutes to drive back to my home in Laguna Shores. And I am not counting when I hit the guard gate – I landed at my front door. Fifteen minutes is all it took me to get to the center of town and I was not trying to speed or cut corners or cut people off. My truck is old and she protests when she has to go fast. Wayne told me it took him 13 minutes to get to Latitude 31 in the morning when there was not much traffic out.

If you are staying at one of the condos on Sandy Beach you are shaving minutes off of reaching your destination versus living at Laguna Shores. Really, only minutes. This doesn’t seem possible when you look at a map, but the truth is that we have traffic-free roads (for the most part) almost all the way into town whereas if you are coming from Sandy Beach, you will more than likely hit traffic the moment you leave your resort. Not to mention stop signs, vendors, round-abouts and ATV traffic.

If you live here at Laguna Shores Resort, you really don’t want to be running into town every day – at least I don’t. Wayne doesn’t seem to mind going in all the time, but I prefer to stay on the beach where it is nice and quiet. So, if you think Laguna Shores Resort is too far out of town, you either want to be on Sandy Beach where the majority of people gather, or you just haven’t done a comparison. We are definitely a few minutes further away from some areas, but what is 2 or 3 or 5 minutes when you are on vacation? And what is a few extra minutes when you live in such a wonderful and peaceful place like Laguna Shores? It’s nothing. It all comes down to where you want to live or have a vacation home. If you are seriously considering purchasing real estate at Laguna Shores, I urge you to do your own test drive and see just how far out the resort really is and spend a few days out here and see how much you want or need to go into town. I think you will surprise yourself.

Come and visit Laguna Shores Resort, the only master planned community of its kind in Rocky Point, Mexico. Visit their website at www.lagunashoresresort to see photos, videos, maps and information and check out their facebook page to see how you can win a fractional share in a one-bedroom condo or one of many vacation  packages.

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