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Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort surrounded by ecological wonders

Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort surrounded by ecological wonders

  • There is the Sea of Cortez with its narrow width, unknown depths, many islands, high salinity content, an immense variety of fish, as well as the large colony of California sea lions and the almost-extinct Vaquita.
  • The many estuaries which serve as habitats for a large number of organisms, fish, as well as migratory birds and many other creatures including coyotes.
  • The Pinacate Biosphere Reserve which boasts one of the world’s largest volcanic craters and is home to an immense variety of plants and animals including reptiles, birds and mammals such as the Sonoran Pronghorn and the Bighorn Sheep despite its inhospitable conditions. U.S. astronauts even used this area as a testing ground for their moon mission in the 1970s.
  • The Sonoran Desert home of the Organ Pipe Cactus, found in only a few locations in the world as well as a host of other types of cacti including the Cholla, Barrel Cactus and the Desert Senita. Like the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, the Sonoran Desert is home to a number of plant and animal life – large and small and is considered one of the most beautiful deserts in the world.

Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort is located just fifteen minutes from the center of Rocky Point and is surrounded by the above ecological wonders. On one side we have a beautiful estuary which meets the Sea of Cortez in front of the resort. From anywhere on the property you can see the Pinacate Mountains and all around we are surrounded by the Sonoran Desert. People travel thousands of miles to see these ecological wonders and we just simply have to look out the front door of our home or condo or off of our oceanfront or estuary front patio. It doesn’t get any better than this. And being located just off the Coastal Highway, Laguna Shores is not subjected to all the noise and traffic that other developments in town deal with every day. Let’s not even get into the numerous amenities at the resort. Take a look at our Facebook Page or our website at www.lagunashoresresort.com.

When high tide comes, grab a complimentary kayak from the beach and paddle through the estuary where you will see some of the most beautiful scenery as well as some magnificent birds such as the Blue Heron – so majestic and graceful with their stature and long necks. If you have never followed the natural flow of an estuary, now is the time – or high tide is the time. You will be amazed at what you see. These estuaries are protected and are teeming with wildlife – some you can see and some you can’t. They have adapted to the harsh conditions, tide fluctuations and sediment. Unlike the ocean bottom, the estuary offers no reefs, barriers or rocks – all is washed out with the tide and a silky sediment is all that’s left – plus a few shells here and there.

The word “estuary” is derived from the Latin word aestuarium meaning tidal inlet of the sea, which in itself is derived from the term aestus, meaning tide (thanks Wikipedia). Here in Mexico we call estuaries “esteros”. Many definitions I found describe estuaries as having a connection to a river or freshwater, but that is not the case with our estuaries unless there are hidden rivers I do not know about. I did find this one on Wikipedia (I think) that I like: “Estuaries are a dynamic ecosystem with a connection with the open sea through which the seawater enters accordingly to the rhythm of the tides”.

Owning a home, condo or fractional at Laguna Shores means all of these unique ecological habitats are within your reach and definitely within your sight. Take advantage of the real estate market and secure your vacation home today before prices go any higher. You’ll be glad you chose “The Laguna Shores Advantage”.

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