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Food Regulations at Mexico Border Crossings

Food Regulations at Mexico Border Crossings

When we think of Mexico, we think of the beautiful beaches, delectable food and a perfect weekend getaway. But today we also think about security concerns. So to improve the situation, the Mexican government has tightened security in many areas to make sure that tourists and citizens are not harmed in any way. This has helped the tourism sector, and vacationers can enjoy all the lovely places in Mexico like Puerto Penasco with a happy heart and mind.

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One of the main concerns of visitors is bringing food and food items along with them into Mexico. Of course, there can be health and contamination hazards related to the transport of food. Thus, the Mexican government has some restrictions on you can and you cannot bring into the country. These food restrictions are very similar to the restrictions travelling into the US. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts where food is concerned:

  • Processed, tinned, canned food is allowed
  • Homemade food packed in jars is not allowed
  • Dry fruits, toasted coffee in jars and containers are allowed
  • Fresh pet food is not allowed
  • Fresh meat and meat products are not allowed
  • Some fresh produce items are not allowed
  • Powdered milk or cheese, in the original packaging, from the US and Canada is allowed
  • If you are carrying your pet along with you, carry only cats and dogs because in Mexico, only these animals are considered pets. Make sure proper shots and vaccinations are given in the home country. Carry certificates to this effect with you.

Every country has its own rules and regulations, and as tourists, it is imperative that we follow the rules and honor them as long as we stay in that country. Mexico is a beautiful place and these days it is reasonably safe to travel there. So what are you waiting for? Plan a beautiful beach vacation to Puerto Penasco today!

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