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Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort Community Acquires WiFi and Telephone Service

Laguna Shores Oceanfront Resort Community Acquires WiFi and Telephone Service

PUERTO PEÑASCO, SONORA, MEXICO: Laguna Shores Master Planned Oceanfront Resort Community acquired internet and telephone service through radio signals provided by Mexico’s monopoly telephone company, TelMex. Although Laguna Shores boasts being the superior master planned community in Puerto Peñasco by having many activities for owners and renters as well as all underground utilities and low density housing, they have been missing two key elements – internet and telephone service.

Last month Laguna Shores contracted TelMex to install a radio tower which provides wireless internet and telephone service to each condominium and household. Residents have had to rely on cellular service providers for wireless stick modems or tethering from their cell phones and needless to say, the signal strength and consistency was less than desirable some of the time.

“We have been waiting a long time for a reliable internet service and telephone land lines,” says Wayne Corcoran, Broker for Laguna Shores Resales Division and full-time Laguna Shores resident for over 4 years. “For the last four years we have had multiple cellular phones that we can tether to our laptops as well as a wireless stick modem, MagicJack phones as well as U.S./Mexico cell phones. So, being able to trim down our cellular bill and have a decent conversation on a land line has been a Godsend”. Wayne is also the Marketing Manager for Laguna Shores Resort and just one of several full-time residents – all who need internet and telephone to conduct day to day business.

“This service is also available to renters which I believe will bring more vacationers to our resort as many want to stay in touch even while vacationing,” Corcoran adds.

There have been other ways to receive a wireless signal through a local cellular company, Telcel, but signal strength is often shoddy and sometimes non-existent. What’s worse is you have to sign an 18-month contract (for a modem) that doesn’t work properly most of the time. It is fantastic news that Laguna Shores now has reliable internet service and for those who want it, a telephone land line.

Laguna Shores Master Planned Oceanfront Resort Community does have high expectations for communications and entertainment with future plans to install fiber optics for internet, telephone and entertainment once it becomes more cost effective. There are fiber optic lines being brought in from Mexicali, B.C., that run along Mexico Coastal Highway 003, which runs in front of the Laguna Shores Resort so it looks as though getting fiber optics to the resort may come sooner than later.

Owners who wish to set up wireless internet to their homes in Laguna Shores, you can do this through Lupe at our office in town. Once you contract internet access (radio signal through Laguna Shores) you can then contract with TelMex for a telephone line to your home. Renters who would like internet access while they are guests at our resort can pay the fee upon check-in.

This has been a long time coming and residents of Laguna Shores are extremely happy their communication needs are being met.

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