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Fractionals at Laguna Shores

Fractionals at Laguna Shores

If you are a busy professional or family and only have time for 2 or 6 weeks to vacation, consider the Laguna Shores Life Time Vacation Plan with a fractional ownership in one our beach front condos.

To busy to worry about maintaining a second home as a vacation / investment considering owning your vacation time in a condo at Laguna Shores.

As a home owner you know it takes time and money to maintain a second home, even if it is just fixing and furnishing the inside.

Want more choice than having only vacations in one location ask Laguna Shores about greatly discounts vacations worldwide that come with your fractional ownership.

Why purchase a vacation package? Come talk to us if any of these point fit for you:

  • Vacation to recharge your batteries, let the world go and come relax. Life is short – live better.
  • The smart way to reconnect with your family on your own beachfront property.
  • Hassle free and effortless beach vacations
  • Own a beautiful beach casita and a piece of the beach for a fraction of the price.
  • To own a higher quality property than would be possible with full ownership.
  • Fractional ownership makes possible the acquisition of multiple vacation properties at unique resorts for the same money as owning one beach home.
  • Resale value offers a deed similar to that of your primary home.
  • Convenient location means less travel and more vacation time.
  • Fractional ownership is offered as smart money-saving alternative to whole ownership. The Four Seasons, Ritz Carleton, Hilton, Marriot have entered the fractional industry demonstrating this method of ownership is becoming more valuable

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