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Spring Break Safety in Mexico

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Spring Break Safety in Mexico

Spring break is a time for students to let their hair down, go on a vacation with friends and have fun! Students deserve this annual fun-filled break because of the grueling schedules they have in college. Thus, it is a time of the year which is special to one and all. But while spring break is all about fun, we also need to think of safety and security.

Mexico is one of the favorite destinations for spring break, especially for those on the West Coast. Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches, mountains, and friendly hospitality. Mexico is also known to be fraught with drug dealers, trafficking issues, murders and kidnapping. But it is only a few areas of the country that need to be avoided (as is the case with most countries). Past experience, a conscious effort by the Mexican government and general awareness have made the destination more safe and secure recently.

It is essential to be careful while crossing borders and going to Mexico for your spring break. Try to avoid the Juarez and Nogales border crossings because many drug cartels are active there. The Lukeville border crossing is the preferred because of the low traffic volume at its top safety record. Also, at all times, remember to carry your identity card and your passport. Even if Mexico does not require a passport, the US government requires it when students travel back to the USA.

One of the most beautiful and safe spring break destinations is Puerto Penasco, Mexico. But where ever you are, students need to remember to travel in groups and respect the locals. Any poor behavior on your part might lead to legal problems. Always remember, you are in a different country – respect the local laws and just enjoy your break.

It is also important to follow some basic instructions like traveling via toll roads only and avoiding the dirt or local roads, do not drive/travel long distances at night, and o not interfere in local issues or matters etc.

These warnings are more or less common to all people who are traveling to Mexico. Tourism is important to Mexicans and the government has made tremendous effort in the last few years to decrease violence so that the tourists can be safe and happy!

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