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Why watch the tides in Rocky Point, Mexico

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Why watch the tides in Rocky Point, Mexico

If you’re new to Laguna Shores Resort or new to Rocky Point, Mexico you might find it odd to hear people talking about the tides. When is it in? When does it go out? How many meters? This information is very important for fishermen, boaters, those who enjoy water sports and especially to beachcombers. High tide is great for everyone and Rocky Point has the best high tide when there is a full moon or a new moon. The Sea of Cortez has one of the most remarkable tide fluctuations in the world, coming in around number 3 with an astounding 27-foot fluctuation at extreme high tide. This alone is one of the wonders of the world – or should be.

It’s hard for the layman to comprehend a 20-some-foot tide fluctuation or even to calculate how far that is since when it’s low tide it looks like the water is a lot more than 27 feet away. You have to take the slope of the terrain and the area into consideration as well as gravitational force of the sun and the moon – hence the high tides during full and new moon days.

Since some areas are very shallow it is extremely important to know when high and low tides are so you don’t get your boat stuck out in Cholla Bay or in front of Laguna Shores Resort. If you want to kayak through the estuary at Laguna Shores you will want to pick the day with the highest tide so that you can navigate the winding waterways. You also have to be aware of low tide as well so you are not stranded dragging your kayak out by hand. These are just a few of the reasons to watch the tides. For those who love to scavenge along the beach and out in the bays, they need to look for days with extreme or very low tide days especially if you are crossing estuaries to discover new or visit your favorite areas. If you want to lay on the beach with the surf lapping at your toes you will want to look for high tide times to plunk your beach in the sand and kick back with a cold one.

The tide is also very important when considering a real estate purchase in Rocky Point, Mexico. There are many houses and condos available on many different beaches around town so you need to see what high and low tide brings to the neighborhood. Some people want the water as close as possible at all times and some like a more severe tide fluctuation like the one at Laguna Shores. The tide fluctuation adds more activities, places to explore and things to do that’s why owning at Laguna Shores is the best of both worlds. Besides having their own estuary, there is an expanse of beach to explore at high and low tide and low tide uncovers even more areas to explore. It’s a great place to live when you add in their low-density housing, underground utilities and the numerous amenities they have available. Visit them online at www.lagunashoresresorts.com for booking, information and monthly tide charts showing activities during high and low tides.

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